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July 20th, 2022
As you may have noticed, the "new and improved" fanfic library died many, many years ago. Unfortunately, I don't have the know-how or free time to fix it, so I've switched the main fanfic link back to this one. The downside is that all of the fanfiction that was added after switching to the new library in 2006 is (currently) lost. But the site's in archive mode now, so at least most everything posted from 1997-2006 should still be up here.

February 19th, 2006 - It's Time For A Change!
The new fanfic library is now up and running and ready for use! I'm going to leave this one up as an archive, though, so it'll still be around. If you've got stories posted on the site, I've already got an account set up for you; contact me at fanfic(at)icybrian(dot)com and I'll send you your password. If not, feel free to head on over and start one up. The Committee's all set up over there now, so you can go ahead and start submitting stories to the new site (and the insanely long waits will now be a thing of the past.)

I've got all the stories in the library transferred over there, and I'm now working on the Committee box backlog. If you've submitted a story to the Committee but haven't heard back on it yet, go ahead and submit it at the new site and I'll push it to the top of the priority list and respond ASAP.

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Alex Weitzman
"Cid Gainsborough" - One Part (Finished).
"Friends" - One Part (Finished).
"Final Crisis" - One Part (Finished).
"Tell Me Lies" - One Part (Finished).

Amber Gehrke
"Liana Is No More" - Seven Chapters.

"By the Chance I Still Have" - One Part (Finished).

Ardwynna Morrigu
"Path of Seduction" - Eight Chapters.

"Seven" - Seven Chapters (Finished).

Aujang Abadi
"Final Fantasy VII: Redemption" - Prologue, Ten Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).
"Final Fantasy VII: Dichotomies" - One Part (Finished).

Azure Angel
"A Secret Conflict" - Six Parts And Five Preludes.
"Aerith's First Love" - Four Parts.

"Black Soul of Green Eyes" - One Part (Finished).

Bounty Hunter Lani
"The Flight of the Honey Bee" - One Part (Finished).

Brady Bryner, Bill Shofstall, & Anthony McKinley
"Nanaki and the Fallen Angel" - Prologue And Sixteen Chapters (Finished).
"The Color of Blood" - Prologue And Sixteen Chapters (Finished).

Brendan Rowan
"Return of the Turks" - Four Parts.

"A Promise Written in the Stars" - One Part (Finished).
"In the Mind of a Maniac" - One Part (Finished).

Carlos P. Salvestrini
"The Anniversary" - One Part (Finished).

Catherine Rain
"Silk Petals, Dry Leaves" - Seven Chapters (Finished).

"The Midgar Ruins" - Four Parts.
"The Depths of Demons" - Ten Chapters (Finished).

Chocobo Goddess
"No Wish To Be Alone" - Prologue, Twenty-One Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).
"Rose of Mideel" - Twenty Chapters.

Chris Homer
"Materia Chaos" - Five Chapters (Finished).
"Chrome Spark" - Prologue And Eight Chapters (Finished).
"Tifa vs. Aeris" - Ten Chapters (Finished).
"Mako Crossover" - Prologue, Fifteen Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).

Chris Scully
"The War" - One Chapter.

Christina Bruno
"Reflections of Reno" - Seventeen Chapters (Finished).
"The Stoic's Suit" - Nineteen Chapters (Finished).
"Intervention" - Nineteen Chapters (Finished).

"The New Turk" - One Part (Finished).

Clone of Sephiroth
"Sephiroth And Zack" - One Part (Finished).
"The Strength of Rufus Shinra" - One Part (Finished).
"Memories of Sephiroth" - One Part (Finished).

Crimson Sun
"Lucrecia Falls" - Two Chapters.

"Cloud's Past" - One Part (Finished).

"Last Exit for the Lost" - Forty Chapters.

Dan Schmidt
"Shinra Reborn" - Prologue And Ten Chapters (Finished).
"Underground Empire" - Ten Chapters (Finished).
"The Dark Fleet" - Four Chapters.

"The Beginning of the End" - Prologue and Three Chapters.

Dino Pollard
"Bizarre Occurances" - Thirty Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).
"Hel & Back" - Prologue And Twelve Chapters.

"Blood and Fire" - One Part (Finished).

Dragonknight Yuffie
"My Dear, Dear Valentine" - One Part (Finished).

"Completion" - Seventeen Chapters.

"To Heal A Shattered Heart" - Fourteen Chapters (Finished).
"Forensic Fantasy VII: Bones" - One Part (Finished).

Edyn Cross
"The Cry of the Planet" - Thirty-Four Chapters.

"Thoughts of What Could Have Been" - One Part (Finished).

Elice McCleod
"A Somewhat Different Christmas Carol" - One Part (Finished).

"Too Young To Be A Widow..." - One Part (Finished).

"Combat Diary" - Prologue, Nine Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).

Faye Locke
"Downward Spiral" - Prologue, Nine Chapters, And Interlude (Finished).
"Atonement: Prologue And Ten Chapters.

Firey Femme
"Cruel" - Four Chapters.

"Legacy of the Ancients" - Prologue And Two Chapters.

"Cloud the Schizo" - One Part (Finished).

Frank Verderosa
"The Search For Aeris" - Six Parts (Finished).
"The Red Fist" - Nine Parts (Finished).
"Hojo's Legacy" - Two Prologues and Ten Chapters (Finished).
"The Dark Shore" - Thirteen Chapters (Finished).
"Jenova's Disciples" - Prologue and Thirteen Chapters (Finished).
"The Mind Slayers" - Thirty-Six Chapters (Finished).
"Shadows of the Past" - Eighteen Chapters (Finished).
"Cetra Destiny" - Fourteen Chapters.
"Balance of Power" - Introduction and Seventeen Chapters (Finished).
"Shards" - Fifteen Chapters and Epilogue (Finished).
"I Want to Live" - One Part (Finished).
"The Date" - One Part (Finished).
"The Edge of Twilight" - One Part (Finished).
"The Great Mousse Hunt" - One Part (Finished).
"Guardian Angel" - One Part (Finished).

Fred Delles
"Security Breach" - One Part (Finished).

"The Dreams of a Technician" - One Part (Finished).

Gary M. Gandy
"Our Weapons of War Are Mighty" - Four Chapters (Finished).

Gasper S. Keltner
"What If..." - The Sleeping Forest: One Part (Finished).

"Darkness Falls" - Two Prologues, Forty-Five Chapters, Epilogue, And Afterword (Finished).

"Final Fantasy007: Golden Chocobo" - One Part (Finished).
"Final Fantasy007: Jenova Never Dies" - One Part (Finished).
"Quest For The White Materia" - One Part (Finished).
"Final Fantasy Simpson" - Intro And Eight Chapters.

"Desire Unfulfilled: Vincent's Tale" - One Part (Finished).
"Love Lies Bleeding" - One Part (Finished).

"Ancient Times" - Two Parts (Finished).
"Birth of a Demon" - Three Parts (Finished).
"My Past" - Prologue And Four Chapters.

"Duty" - One Part (Finished).

Joe L.
"Payback's a Bitch" - Eleven Chapters (Finished).
"Payback's a Bitch 2: Redemption" - Fourteen Chapters.

Joelle Thomas
"The Aeneas Factor" - One Part (Finished).
"Martyr" - One Part (Finished).

Jonatan L
"Order and CHAOS" - One Part (Finished).
"Hearts and Mirrors" - One Part (Finished).

"Biggs' Story" - One Part (Finished).

"Jenova Project" - Three Chapters.
"Cloud Cover" - Three Parts (Finished).

Kain Servant
"Reno: Through the Eyes" - Five Chapters. "Family Man" - One Part (Finished).

"A Promise Kept" - Fifteen Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).

"Christmas Eve" - One Part (Finished).
"Your Promised Land" - One Part (Finished).

"Catching Glimpses" - Twenty-One Chapters.

Kristi Lockheart
"Destiny" - One Part (Finished).
"Silencing the Memories" - One Part (Finished).

Kyris Hyl
"You Were Meant For Me" - Two Chapters.

"Interrupted by Fireworks" - One Chapter.

"Forbidden Love: The Story of Vincent Valentine" - Ten Chapters (Finished).

Lesley Rogers
"The Resurrection of the Nine" - One Chapter.

"Curse of the Highwind" - One Part (Finished).
"Neglect" - One Part (Finished).

"Wasted" - Prologue And Eleven Chapters.

Limited Moon
"The Great Revenge" - Four Parts (Finished).
"The Great Revenge Part 2: The Cloud Wars" - Eight Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).

Lucrecia Marionette
"Through the Looking Glass" - Twenty-Nine Chapters.
"Stay With Me" - Prologue And Sixteen Chapters.

Lyte It Up
"Final Fantasy: Resurrection" - Prologue.

Madam Hydra
"Conflicts of Interest" - Five Parts.

"Vigil" - One Part (Finished).

"Bitter Ash" - Two Parts (Finished).

Malice Shaw
"Fly With Me" - One Part (Finished).

Maverick Hunter Zero
"Exile of the Heart" - One Part (Finished).

Max Zhang
"Deus ex Jenova" - Five Episodes (Finished).

"The Devil" - One Part (Finished).
"Chronicles of The Turks: The Jenova Project" - One Part (Finished).

"Love and Life" - Thirteen Chapters And Notes (Finished).

Melissa McClendon
"Final Fantasy VII: Legacy" - Three Chapters.

Meriko Robert
"A Labor of Love" - Prologue And Eight Chapters (Finished).
"An Affair of the Heart and Soul" - Sixty-Three Chapters (Finished).
"To Those Who Believe" - One Part (Finished).

"A Fanfic Reader's Worst Nightmare: The Personality Gap" - One Part (Finished).
"Footsteps" - One Part (Finished).

"Helping Hands" - One Part (Finished).
"A Rose By Any Other Name" - Eighteen Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).
"Of Damsels and Dragons" - Twelve Chapters (Finished).

"A Slightly Happier Reunion" - One Part (Finished).

Nanaki Lioness
"Heart of Gold" - One Part (Finished).
"Crystal Bits of Snowflake" - One Part (Finished).
"Fall of an Angel" - One Part (Finished).
"All Roads Lead to Love" - One Part (Finished).

"Legacy of the Past" - Prologue And Eight Chapters.

"After the Midnight" - One Part (Finished).
"Master..." - One Part (Finished).

"Orders" - One Part (Finished).

"Emotions Run Dry" - One Part (Finished).

Peter J Marcroft
"Curse of Memory" - One Chapter.

Pip Malloy
"Unrequited Love" - One Part (Finished).
"Love Lies Bleeding" - One Part (Finished).
"Songs of a Lover" - One Part (Finished).
"Fratris Sanguineus" - One Part (Finished).
"Interlude" - One Part (Finished).
"Amans Ardens" - One Part (Finished).
"Shinra Vignettes" - Five Vignettes.
"T.U.R.K.S." - One Part (Finished).

Princess Artemis
"Venus Gospel" - Prologos, Four Parts, Epilogos, And Author's Notes (Finished).
"The Thief of Hell" - Four Sections (Finished).
"The Ninth Silence" - One Part (Finished).
"Cid Gets His Tea" - One Part (Finished).

Prism Angel
"My View From the Window" - Five Chapters.

"Activities" - Seven Chapters (Finished).
"Measure Up" - One Part (Finished).

"Final Fantasy VII: Resurrection" - Prologue And Twenty Chapters (Finished).
"Reunion" - Prologue, Thirty-One Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).
"Redemption" - Thirty-Three Chapters.
"Evolution of Innocence" - Thirty Chapters (Finished).
"Tarnished Side" - Prologue And Fourteen Chapters.
"Nine-to-Fiver" - One Part (Finished).
"Eclipse Into Light" - One Part (Finished).

Quistis Trepe
"The Honey Inn Incident" - One Part (Finished).
"Through Her Eyes" - One Part (Finished).

"Long Time No See" - Four Chapters.

"Final Fantasy 7 Episode 1: The Great War" - Three Chapters (Finished).

Randy Law
"Someday" - One Part (Finished).

Ridia Seascar
"Can We Forget the Things I Did When I Was Drunk" - One Chapter.
"Ethereal" - One Part (Finished).
"Mission Accomplished" - One Part (Finished).
"Tainted" - One Part (Finished).

"Black and White" - Introduction and Seven Chapters.

Rock Bradley
"The Legend of Cosmo Canyon" - The Story of Nanaki: Five Chapters (Finished).
"The Courtship of Yuffie Kisaragi" - One Part (Finished).
"The War of the Ancients" - One Chapter.

"To Forgive" - Prologue And Four Chapters.

"Further Fantasy 7" - Ten Parts.

Sam Alexander
"The Subquest" - One Part (Finished).

"She Never Lies" - One Part (Finished).
"Throw You Away" - One Part (Finished).

Serena Lee
"So Here I Am" - One Part (Finished).
"A Final Fantasy Prayer" - One Part (Finished).
"Birth of a God" - One Part (Finished).

"Yaoi" - One Part (Finished).

"The Aurora Project" - Intro And Six Chapters.

Shelly Ichishita
"The Second Incarnation" - Nineteen Parts (Finished).

"What Lies Within" - Prologue and Four Chapter.

"The Second Saga" - Seven Chapters.
"Soldier Boy" - One Part (Finished).

Shigan Lee
"Child of an Ancient" - Prologue And Nine Chapters.

Shiroi Ryu
"A Moment of Happiness" - Three Parts (Finished).
"Awakening" - One Part (Finished).

"Honey, Vanilla, and Satin" - One Part (Finished).

"Aerith, Dreaming of Forever" - Four Parts (Finished).

Sorceress Fantasia
"Tifa's Diary" - One Part (Finished).
"Heartbreak in Nibelheim" - One Part (Finished).
"Yuffie's Diary" - One Part (Finished).
"Hope in Love" - Fourteen Chapters.
"Déjà Vu" - One Part (Finished).

Spawn of Piccolo
"Angel of Love: True Love's Sacrifice" - Three Chapters.
"Down Poison" - One Part (Finished).

"Masamune" - One Part (Finished).

Sydney Kyle
"The Final Sacrifice" - Three Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).

Sydney SAMA
"Blue Oblivion" - One Part (Finished).
"Clear as Fog" - One Part (Finished).
"Will You Be Waiting" - One Part (Finished).

Tadhg Looney
"Revamped" - Prologue And Two Chapters.

"The Origin Of The Turks" - Prologue, Three Parts, and Epilogue (Finished).
"Legacy of the Hero" - One Part (Finished).
"Wages of Sin" - One Part (Finished).

The Ionic Butterfly
"Final Fantasy VII: 25 Years After the Fact" - Introduction And Five Chapters.

The Palagoon
"Forgotten Causes" - One Part (Finished).

Tifa Gainsborough
"Fate" - Twelve Chapters (Finished).

Tifa Strife
"Guided by Starlight" - Nine Chapters (Finished).

"Depths" - One Part (Finished).
"The Fallen" - Twenty-Three Chapters (Finished). "File THIS!" - One File.

"Turk Pride" - One Part (Finished).
"Yuffie's Little Escapade" - One Part (Finished).
"Northern Lights" - One Part (Finished).
"Breathe the Dust" - One Part (Finished).
"Shinra Vignettes" - Two Vignettes.

"Appointment With Destiny" - Thirty-Eight Chapters (Finished).

"Goodybe, My Darling Valentine" - One Part (Finished).

Vegnagun Zack
"Buddies" - One Chapter.

"Carnival Lights" - One Part (Finished).
"The Death of Neo-Midgar" - One Part (Finished).

"Shattered Dreams & Sleeping Pills" - Twenty-Four Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).
"No. 2" - One Part (Finished).
"Dear Diary" - One Part (Finished).
"A Clone's Redemption" - Five Chapters.

Winter Weil
"FF7: JIHAD" - Prologue And Two Chapters.

"Letting Go of the Past" - One Part (Finished).

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