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Please be aware that I don't have any other FF7 ideas or fanfictions in the works. While I *am* a stout obssessor of the game, for whatever reason, JIHAD is the only thing that's ever popped out from it. So don't expect anything more than me but lots and lots of chapters from this story. (But if you DO want to read other fics of mine that aren't FF7 related, you can check them out at

I'll sell you a little more on the story as well, while we're at it... I first got the game in 1997, and was obsessed from the very beginning. It was about a year later that my family and I got our first online computer, and it was then that I became obsessed with fanfiction. However, there was one thing that I continually found different between what *I* had discovered in the game, and what everyone *else* had. It was a few years later, after I had played the first CD about thirty times, and beat the game about four, that I came across an idea for a fanfiction. Originally it was meant to be a war over the differences of religion - something of a political story for me. But it evolved, as all stories do, and I'm still trying to follow the thread that my imagination as sewn before me.

So while it's now three or four years after I wrote the first word, I'm still attempting to get this story out to the online community. A different aspect of the origins of the people of the Planet; the truth behind the links of the Cetra and the Planet; and in the end, hopefully, change a few peoples minds about the game.

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableFF7: JIHAD- Taking place four years after the dissolving of Shinra and the destruction of Jenova and Sephiroth, the crew of Avalanche have gone their own ways, each finding a niche in which to create their new lives. But on one fateful night, a group of men-- who call themselves Turks --attempt to kidnap Mayor Reeve while he is having a meeting at a bar with a young woman about the college in Junon. From there, Cloud and Tifa, who own the bar, are swept up along with their comrade and the young woman into a war of epic proportions -- ending up bringing together their old Avalanche, the old Turks, and a mysterious organization that has hidden from the world for years....waiting for the return of Jenova and her kind.....waiting for the holy war.
Prologue - February 8th, 2002
Chapter 1: The Resurrection of Hatred - April 16th, 2002
Chapter 2: Evolution - July 4th, 2002

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