Azure Angel

Azure Angel

Real Name: If I told you, I'd have to kill you. ^_-

AKA: The artist formerly known as Star Kitten...

Birthdate; Gender: Dec. 23, 1983; female

Star Sign: Capricorn

Contact by ICQ: 9512769

Hobbies: Manga writing and drawing, other writing, J-pop (Japanese culture), anime, RPGs, a few extreme sports including skateboarding, and so on.

Interests: Everything above, including web page design, idol singers (another Japanese aspect), and too many others to mention.

Favorite Quote: "A hero isn't someone who sacrifices themselves for their job, that's just a fool!"- Reno, FFVII "

Webpage: "The Twylyte Café" Includes any revisions I make on my stories, Secret Conflict especially. Check it out, sign the guestbook... Ah, you know the routine.

Hi to all you future fans of mine, and in most cases, future flamers! First off I'd like to thank everyone whose sent their compliments, criticism, and posting requests throughout all this; your support really means a lot! ^-^ (Okay, sometimes it's the only reason I don't abandon writing completely.) If it seems like my writing can drone on or seem bland in cases, then I apologize in advance cause I'm just a freelance at this stuff, so I can't always keep things running smoothly in the plot. -_-;

And to those of you who ask, I never really give up on my stories, I just get swamped with so much work I can rarely find the spare time to get any real inspiration/motivation. I wouldn't worry, I'll always have something done at one point or another....if if it doesn't seem like it. Once again, keep your support up everyone, and don't hesitate to ask about posting my works on you page. Thanks!

Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
ReviewedGlenn's Anguish
- The events as they happened on that fated mission of Cyrus and Glenn, shedding more light on the deep friendship between the two throughout their journeys. All leading up to the fabled confrontation at the mountain top.
Part 1 (Prologue): Dreams Of Glory
Part 2: Revelation In The Woods
Part 3: The Hero's Medal
Part 4: The Mystic's Plot
Part 5: Calm Before The Storm
Part 6: The Sword and the Test
Part 7: Two Challenges, One Chance - January 28th, 1998
Part 8: Divided They Stand - January 28th, 1998
Part 9: Confrontation and Annihilation - March 3rd, 1998
Part 10: The Death Of A Soldier - April 4th, 1998
Part 11: Not Without A Whimper - April 4th, 1998
Part 12: Cat And Mouse - June 2nd, 1998
Part 13: Holding On - August 19th, 1998
Part 14: Frozen Lands, Heated Gossip - August 19th, 1998
Part 15: Coming to Terms - December 11th, 1998
Epilogue - December 11th, 1998

Prayer for the Dying
Prologue: Left Senseless - April 25th, 1999
Part I: Getting Nowhere - May 14th, 1999

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
A Secret Conflict
- Four months after the victory over Sephiroth, things slowly begin to settle down and the members of Cloud's teams gradually get on with their lives. Though Cryptic visions once again haunt Vincent Valentine's dreams, foretelling him of a grim future he cannot ignore. While meanwhile a young rookie soldier named Kaolin begins to learn of the twisted Shinra Secrets as he is forced to work with the crazed scientist, Lanai.
Part 1: A Dream Is A Wish... - March 5th, 1998
Part 2: Never Look Back - March 5th, 1998
Prelude 1: Always A Doubt - March 5th, 1998
Part 3: Into The Ravaged Metropolis - April 5th, 1998
Prelude 2: None The Wiser - April 5th, 1998
Part 4: The Voices In My Head - June 2nd, 1998
Part 5: And Delirium Sets In - June 2nd, 1998
Prelude 3: Science Isn't Pretty - August 19th, 1998
Prelude 4: Yet Another Pawn in the Game - August 19th, 1998
Part 6: Help for the Helpless & Deals for the Damned - March 28th, 1999
Prelude 5: Past Regrets Repeated - May 14th, 1999

Aerith's First Love- The story of the close relationship between Zack and Aerith before his accursed mission with Sephiroth those five years ago, all giving more deeper detail to something barely mentioned within the game itself.
Part 1: Reason To Celebrate - March 5th, 1998
Part 2: No Matter What... - March 5th, 1998
Part 3: Mixed Blessings - June 2nd, 1998
Part 4: No Worries, Just Doubt - August 19th, 1998

Chrono Trigger Fanfic
Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic