I decided to write this story for several reasons. One being that, Aerith mentions her previous relationship with Zack in what? One, two lines? Not only that, but Zack barely gets any mention at all in the game except in two flashbacks, one of which was added in the US release. =P So I just took that and expanded on the idea. And why I still use Aeris/Aerith's Japanese name? I'm just stubborn I guess. Any readers of the Battle Angel Alita might notice a teeny-tiny wittle reference in this somewhere too. So with no futher adu, enjoy!

-SK =^-^=

Aerith's First Love Part 1

Reason To Celebrate

By Hyper Angel

Fireworks ignited the skyline of the metropolis known as Midgar. A dizzying frenzy of excitement exploded throughout the crowd that watched from far below. Cheering filled the air, nearly drowning out the load bursts of from the spectacle above as hundreds of color combinations painted the dark night sky.

The long war was finally over, peace had been declared. Thus, the people had good reason to celebrate. Soldiers once stationed in far away countries were returning home once again, and many an overjoyed reunion took place upon the city streets.

Lovers, siblings, friends. All welcomed each other with open arms and words filled with joy and delight at their long awaited return.

One such couple stood at the outskirts of the festivities, staring up at the bright colors above with a quiet fascination.

One a young girl, barely sixteen. Her features soft and calm, with eyes an equally tranquil sea of green. Her braided hair hung at a delicate angle, barely moving even as she lay her head upon her companion's shoulder.

The girl's companion, a soldier roughly the same young and naïve age as she, was almost the exact opposite of the sweet young woman. His blue eyes filled with a dangerous ambition. A face that gave the appearance that he opted to challenge the world.

He grinned widely and held the girl. His jet-black hair swept in wild points that jutted to all directions from his face as he gentle kissed her delicate cheek. Turning his attention away from the blazing sky, the young man turned to the girl and whispered a few hushed words to her. She nodded, and the two walked off without another word or thought to anything else.

The streets around surrounding the vibrant gala were left empty and silent, their resents all gone to participate in the celebration. Besides the occasional stray dog that wandered the streets looking far any small morsel of food to be found.

The teenage couple walked arm in arm down the deserted avenue speechlessly until finally, the girl spoke up.

"Zack…" She whisper uncertainly. "What's wrong?"

The man named Zack jerked back in surprise at her words. "Wrong?" He echoed, his voice slightly cracking. "Nothing's wrong Aerith. I was just thinking… that's all."

Aerith stared at his attentively for a few moments before turning her gaze away again. "Then tell me what you're thinking." She insisted stubbornly. Zack laughed light heatedly at Aerith's implying. "I just can't keep things from you, can I?" He chuckled. She smiled and shook her head sarcastically in return for his remark.

"Okay, okay." Said Zack. "I guess, it's just kinda ironic…"

"What is?" Aerith asked uncertainly.

"Well, you know. I finally make it to SOLDIER first class, and then the war ends."

"But you ought to be glad." Aerith sighed, her careless look turning concerned. "It's been going on since we were little, now we're finally getting a chance to live during a peaceful time at least."

Zack shook his head, for a moment he glanced up in the direction of the huge corporate tower that was the Shira's head office. "That's not what I meant…" He replied with a touch of dispirit in his voice. "It's just, I wanted to prove my self in battle…just once. Then maybe I'd become a war hero, like Sephiroth."

He paused for a moment, a hopeful glean once again shinning in his eyes. "But they said I might get the chance to work with the movement against opposition to the Shinra soon. So I may still get a chance to prove myself yet." A broad smile crossed hi face as he spoke. "Isn't that great?"

"Yeah…" Aerith murmured softly, looking away quickly. "Really great."

"Whoa, don't get me wrong," Zack quickly added when he noticed the tension in Aerith's voice. "I'll come back to you on way or another. No matter how far the send me away!" He announced.

Aerith once again turned back to him at the words. Her eyes aglow with an overjoyed look. "Y-you promise?" She asked him softly.

"Cross-my-heart!" He replied cheerfully, picking up their pace down the empty street.

And hope to die… Aerith added silently. That was what worried her the most about Zack. He was too eager to go into battle, to put himself in danger just to be recognized. She knew it would only lead to misfortune for him, maybe even death.

Ever since the war had been declared over, Aerith thought she would never have to worry about that again. Now she found the fear was resurfacing again. And the sinking feeling something dreadful would happen chilled her very blood at the very thought of it.

She sighed heavily, and tightened her grip around Zack's arm. Almost as if sensing her anxiety, Zack lowered his head to her ear. "Don't worry." He whispered, a thin smile emerging across his lips. "Zack Tiphares never breaks a promise."

Aerith smiled warmly at his reassuring words and again she lay her head upon the young soldier's shoulder. Closing her eyes thoughtfully as they walked on towards Sector 6, Aerith's home.


To be Continued….


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