Aerith's First Love Part 2

No Matter What…

By Hyper Angel

They arrived at Aerith's house late in the night. Though the huge garden surround her home seemed to be filled with an unending warm light even at night. Still arm-in-arm with Aerith, Zack walked her up to the doorstep of the large Victorian styled house owned by her step-mother, Elmyra.

"Tonight was great, wasn't it?" Aerith asked him as she stood with her hand to the doorknob. "I can hardly believe it, there's finally peace at last."

"Yeah…" Zack agreed. "Almost too good to be true."

"But anyway…. This was still all so amazing." Aerith sighed. "The fireworks, the reunions of families…."

"Nothing could compare to being with you, though. Zack whispered, leaning in closer to her.

"And you're beyond 1st class in my heart." Aerith added with a giggle.

The two embraced, Aerith could feel a small shiver of anticipation run down her spine.

The two slowly leaned in closer….



And then…

The door flung open with an ear splitting wham.

"AERITH!!" A woman's voice shrieked. "Do you have any idea what time it is?!"

Aerith quickly jerked away from Zack, facing it's owner nervously. A woman stood angrily in the doorway, strands of her dark auburn hair hung in loose strands even though it was pulled back tightly in an effort to avoid just that. It seemed that her eyes were filled both with a look of relief, anger, and worry all at once

"M-mom!" Aerith greeted her shakily. "I-I thought were going to the celebration tonight too…"

Elmyra's annoyed expression suddenly vanished at those words, leaving her devoid of any seen emotion at all. Her bright eyes turned dark, as if a shadow had fallen over her at the innocent question.

"I didn't feel up to it tonight…" She replied coldly, her gaze focused on nothing in particular. "Besides," She sighed, her gaze falling downward. "What's the use of it anyway? Just a bunch of soldiers coming home, while people stumble around the streets all night doing who-knows-what! It's ludicrous!" She muttered, shaking her head in disgust.

"But mom!" Aerith objected. "The war's finally over! Some of those men haven't been home in years.

"And some of those men…" Elmyra snapped. "Won't becoming home at all, and what of their families?" She clenched her hands into fists tightly. "They'll get nothing put a bouquet of flowers and some phony 'deepest regrets' card." Tears welled up in Elmyra's eyes at her own infuriated words.

"W-what-?" Aerith stammered in confusion.

Elmyra instantly shook her head to clear her thoughts, her parental instincts resuming control. "Either way, young lady." She announced, grabbing Aerith roughly by the arm and dragging her inside. "You know better than to stay out into all hours of the night, running around with soldiers…"

"But-" Aerith pleaded.

"No buts," Elmyra retorted quickly. "Now go to your room."



Aerith reluctantly trudged into the house, but not without muttering a few obscenities under her breath first. Zack was left standing alone in the doorway, dumbfounded and left without a word to say or explain.

"As for you sir," Elmyra quickly addressed him. "You had better watch your step. Especially when it's concerning my daughter."

Zack could only stare at the woman, a vacant expression fixed on his face. "Good night, and farewell to you." She quickly said, putting her hand to the doorknob.

"Uh, good-" The door slammed in Zack's face before he could finish, "-night"

With a heavy sigh, Zack turned from the Gainsborough house feeling a sense of being unwanted. Besides, what reason did Aerith's mother have to be so angry about the festival? He shook his head as he walked off towards the Wall Market. It just didn't make sense….

Yet with or without the consent from Ms. Gainsborough, Zack was determined to be with Aerith no matter what happened. No matter what came between them.

After all, it was meant to be wasn't it?


To be continued…


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