Glenn's Anguish Part VII

Two Challenges, One Chance

By Star Kitten

{1/24} A few quick notes: Thanks to all of you who sent me feedback about this story, I haven't had the chance to write because I've been devoting a lot of time to Vincent Valentine fics lately, (which I'll have finished soon!) Not to mention I lost the disk the main story was on. =P And another thing, keep writing me on what you think! I can always use a god ego booster. ^_- And don't worry all you avid readers out there, this fic's far from over right now.

--Star Kitten =^-^=


Cyrus charged forward with a defiant yell. His sword slashed once again in blows too fast for Glenn to follow. Yet the two twins weren't going to give up as easy as the frog King had back in the Cursed Woods.

In a split second, the being named Masa jumped straight up into the air before the fatal blows could land, giving Cyrus a swift upper-cut in the process. The knight stumbled back in surprise, but quickly regained himself. He spun around and dealt the attacking twin a crushing blow with the hilt of his sword. With a pained scream, Masa fell back.

Mune was next to retaliate. With a whoop, he dove towards Cyrus like a bolt of lightening. Knocking into him at the knees. Cyrus fell forward from the strike, but quickly counter attacked. With a swipe of his foot, he took Mune down along with him. Causing the being to fall backwards and on top of his younger brother.

Cyrus quickly pulled himself back up while the twins were down, as they did the same shortly after. Once again, the two began to bob about as before. This time eyeing the knight wearily The two circled about the knight curiously, never once taking their eyes off him. The two gave a quick glance to one another, and the executed a final blow.

In a perfect 'X' formation, the two dashed forward in a speed that would be impossible to counter. The twins raised their arms up in unison and prepared for the final crushing blow as they darted ever closer. "Cyrus-!" Glenn cried out to him in surprise. The knight quickly glanced back to his shaken companion. With a quick wink he turned back to the advancing twins

He quickly swung up his word and parried the blow. The twins both fell backwards to the ground roughly. Finally, with a yell, Cyrus pressed his sword against Masa's neck to show he had won their fight. "Okay! Okay!" The horrified twin shrieked. "You've proved you point, now get that dirty ol' tooth pick off me!" With a satisfied grin, Cyrus complied, sheathing his sword with a grin.

"Not bad…" Mune remarked, pulling his brother up from the ground. Masa only shot Cyrus an annoyed look. Mune grinned arrogantly, turning and walking further away from his sibling. When the two were an even distance apart, the wiser twin spun around defiantly. "But can you handle both of us?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Cyrus snapped in annoyance. "I just did take you both on! I would think I'm entitled to take the sword now, am I right?" A wide smirk once again crossed against Masa's face. "Oh this isn't the end of this little test just yet…" He sneered. "You should feel grateful…Not many can make it this far…" Mune cocked his head thoughtfully at his brothers words. "And none have succeeded after this point."

With that, the two siblings turned to face one another. "Are you ready, Masa?" Mune whispered. "But of course!" His brother replied eagerly. "Then here we go!"

The twins both rushed forward at each other, it seemed as if they were purposely going to collide into each other. Yet instead, a blinding flash of light followed. A loud screech echoed throughout the narrow cave, and the light slowly faded away.

"Oh my God!!' Glenn instantly screamed as soon as the spectacle had ended. He had every right to be terrified though. For now instead of the two small beings Cyrus had faced before, one huge, buff looking monster stood before them. "T-they combined?!" Cyrus gasped in disbelief. "Forget that!" Glenn cried. "That thing's gonna wipe the floor with us!!"

The huge creature gave a wide grin at Glenn's anxiety. "Well, at least you're right about one thing…" The Masamune being raised both hands up together in a fist high above its head. With a loud grunt it slammed them down upon the floor. A strange, rippling air wave resulted in the blow. The blast rushed forward at Cyrus at a speed even he couldn't evade. In a flash, he drew his sword to block it, but it wasn't fast enough. The wind slash caught him at the knees, flinging the knight up into the air like a rag doll. "Cyrus!!" Glenn shrieked hopelessly.

Cyrus spiraled back down to the ground as quickly as he had been forced upward. With a pained groan he slammed into the rock floor of the gave. Glenn instantly rushed forward to help his fallen friend. "Are you alright?!" He gasped in shock. Cyrus slowly turned to him, with a pained smile he managed a shaky reply. "Yeah… I'm okay…" He wheezed. "Just a few… broken ribs maybe, but-"

"Just a few?" Glenn echoed. "Cyrus, just one is too much!… I knew this was-"

"A bad idea-?" Cyrus finished for him. "No Glenn, it was the best we ever had…"


"We've talked about a lot through all this, haven't we? Maybe there was more to this journey than the Masamune…" He groaned a little from the pain in his side, but continued. "Maybe it was about us…as friends, you know."

"Cyrus…." Glenn whispered.


"Ahem…' A gruff voice interrupted the moment. It was of course Masamune, the combined product of the two twins. "As touching as this… I believe we've won this little skirmish." It announced triumphantly. Glenn stood up slowly at the creature's words, a icy look in his eyes. "No…" He hissed in a hushed voice. "This fight is far over." With that, the squire drew his sword from it's rusted sheath. "And I'm going to finish it for him."


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