Glenn's Anguish Part VIII

Divided They Stand

By Star Kitten

Glenn raised his worn dagger up to challenge his huge opponent. The wind the blew ominously through the cave stirred his green hair widely. Still he faced Masamune with a boldly stone gaze, totally out of character for him actually. Masamune only sneered at Glenn's determination. "Fine then…' The being hissed. "But you're going to end up a lot worse off than your friend over there."

It suddenly dawned on Glenn at Masamune's words. It almost seemed as if he and Glenn had exchanged places metaphorically. Now it was Cyrus who was left back to watch, while it was Glenn who stood to face the enemy. Then he knew, Cyrus had been right all along, all he had to do was believe. {ßMy god, I think I've watched those Parappa the Rapper intro. scenes one too many times =P –SK)

Glenn assumed the battle stance he had watched Cyrus do so many times before. As Masamune prepared his next attack, Cyrus called out to him weakly. "Glenn… you don't have to do this… just give up, the sword doesn't matter anymore anyway…" It was hard to comprehend that it was Cyrus who said those words, it had always been Glenn who begged to back off and leave until then. Now more than ever, Glenn knew he had to do this. He had to prove it to Cyrus, and himself, that he wasn't a quivering fool who could only sit back and watch the battle unfold.

"Alright then!!" He called to the Guardian of the sword. "Let's see what you've got!" The combined creature sneered once again at him. "Com'on kid… why don't you listen to your friend there and give up before you get hurt."

Glenn stood firm, the anger building up in him. "Not this time…" He whispered obstinately. "Not ever…"

With a final yell, Glenn charge forward. Masamune, expecting him to aim low was ready for him. Yet Glenn wasn't going to make such an obvious move in the heated battle. Instead, using all the strength he had, he utilized the attack he had spent months refining in the Castle's training barracks back in Guardia. Until that very moment, he had never managed to work up the courage to actually use it. Now, that was far from what mattered.

Glenn leapt up into the air with an amazing amount of grace. Raising his dagger high, he plunged it down at Masamune as gravity pulled him back in what seemed to him like slow motion. With a sickening burble, he felt the cold blade puncture the creature's skin at the top of it's skull. Odd colored blood trickled down Masamune's grotesque looking face, he uttered a deafening shriek following it. The blade was still embedded deep into Masamune's skull as Glenn fell backwards breathlessly. As he watched the gore that he had caused, he could only think of one thing. He had done it. He had finally proven himself in battle. Glenn entire body was surging with an amazing energy, he felt almost as if he would burst from it.

Masamune stumbled backwards a few steps. Weakly, he reached up and plucked the blood covered blade from his scull as if it were only a thorn. Though Glenn could tell beyond the creature's forced smug look, it knew it had lost. Masamune let the blade fall to the ground. He stared at Glenn in wonder. Blood still running down his face. "Well…" The being muttered, in a voice that sounded like two. Light suddenly surged from the wound Glenn had caused, and with it Masamune suddenly split back into the two twins again. Only this time, a large scar was across each twin's face.

"T-this hasn't ever happened before Mune…" Masa whispered nervously. "What're we gonna do-?" Mune bowed his head solemnly. "Only thing we can do, brother." He replied bluntly. "Give the sword to him…"

With that, the two brothers both backed away respectively, allowing Glenn to take what was now his. But instead, he only shook his head. "No." He said tersely. "Not I…" He turned back to Cyrus, who had painfully stumbled back up to his feet during the tense battle. Gripping his side tightly in a futile attempt to stiffen the pain, the knight slowly walked forward to join his companion. "No, Glenn." He replied softly. "We'll both do it. Together."

Glenn nodded, and the two slowly climbed the steps to the platform that held the legendary sword. With a shaky hand, Glenn reached out to touch the hilt of the sword. He could swear the weapon was glowing as he stared at it in awe.

But a surprised cry interrupted his wonderment. Turning around, he realized it was Masa who had uttered it.

An annoying laugh suddenly filled the air. Two figures, one a tall, cold looking man with blue hair and stern crimson eyes. The other was a stout, goblin-like creature so fat it had to hover above the ground to move around. The goblin creature gave them a wide, toothy grin as Cyrus and Glenn stared at them uneasily. "Surprised?" He crowed mockingly. "You should be!" Glenn instantly realized his voice as the same person they had encountered back in the café.

The first man roughly pushed by his fat companion to face Cyrus and Glenn. "I wouldn't call it wise to think you can just acquire that sword to defeat me…" He scoffed in a disgusted tone. The fat creature hovered over closer and added his own opinion "Fools. It will take more than some tired legend to defeat the great Magus! You shall suffer eternally for you gave mistakes! We will give you a new meaning of true horror!"

Glenn, stepped back anxiously. He realized that they were about to face a foe much greater than the two twins were. This was the infamous Magus. The one Cyrus had sought to destroy all along. And now… he was right there in front of them. Staring at the two as if they were insignificant insects in his eye. At that moment, Glenn knew thing were quickly going to make a turn for the worse.


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