Glenn's Anguish Part IX

Confrontation and Annihilation

By Star Kitten

"….You'll regret being born! You'll rue the day you even heard of Magus! You'll experience pain and suffering like you've never felt possible! You'll-"

"Enough, Ozzie!" The first man, the one known only as Magus, snapped impatiently to his long-winded companion. Raising the wicked looking scythe he carried threateningly. The being named Ozzie fell back at his Master's words instantly. Yet still, he muttered a few curses under his breath as he did so.

"So this is the 'Great Magus' eh?" Cyrus wheezed. "Funny…I would have expected more…" The warlock turned his icy gaze to the wounded knight. "I don't believe it's wise to blurts such things out." He hissed, a ball of dark energy forming in his palm. "Lest you should want me to end your miserable life at this instant. Cyrus glared at Magus uncertainly, he touched a shaking hand to the hilt of his sword for a moment. "Cyrus, don't." Glenn begged in a hushed voice. "there's no way you can take him in your condition!'

Cyrus managed a shaky smile to his companion. "Don't worry about it, Glenn." He muttered. A wave of dread washed over Glenn. It may have been possible that Cyrus had sustained more damage than he thought. If that was the case, there was no way he could-

Ozzie's laughter interrupted Glenn's morbid thoughts. "You ought to listen to the kid, Sir Cyrus!" He scoffed. "Many a fool have had the same aspirations in defeating the great clan of the Mystics. And every one of them is in the same state now…. Dead!"

Glenn glared at the overzealous lizard angrily. "Are you sure about that? Or is it just that huge ego of yours talking?" He snapped.

"Heh, such big words for a small whelp." The magician's flunky countered. "Glenn drew his dagger again. "Don't think I won't-"

"Do what?" Ozzie sneered. "Poke me with that metal toothpick of yours? Oooh, I'm shakin'!"

Glenn hesitated. If Cyrus was right about the legend of the Masamune, there was no way he could beat the mystic with just his rusty dagger. He glanced to the platform where the sword still stood. If he could just get to it…

"Forget it, Glenn." Said Cyrus, almost as if he read Glenn's thoughts. He had moved beside Glenn without his knowing of it. "They'll kill you seven times before you even think about taking a step for it." He whispered. Glenn nodded shakily, his courage wavering at the thought.


"Well you know what they say…" Ozzie chuckled in a matter-of-fact tone.

"…The dumb die young." Magus continued. With those simple words, he shouted a few words in a incomprehensible language. A huge arc of dark energy careened through the small cave. "get back!!" Cyrus cried. Glenn instinctively jumped back. And without a moment to spare. The energy raced past him not even a second after, grazing his dagger in the process.

Glenn stared at the weapon in disbelief. All he held in his hand was a hilt, whatever remained of the blade was just a smoldering hunk of metal clinging to it.

"Oh my god!!" Cyrus cried out as the blast's force died away. "T-the Masamune!" Glenn gasped.

Unlike Glenn's dagger, the force of Magus' attack had only shattered the fabled sword into two parts.

The hilt fell down from the pedestal and landed at Glenn's feet. He stared at the intricately carved insignias on it as it lie before him.

The Masamune. The indestructible sword. Was rendered useless by a single spell.


Magus laughed in triumph at the sight shattered weapon. "So that's the great Masamune?" He crowed. "The 'indestructible sword'?!"

"Pathetic…" He added with a shake of his head. He drifted closer to the two travelers with little effort, gripping his scythe tightly in his hands. A thin smile etched across his face as he stared down at them.

"Well…as long as we're still here…" Ozzie chuckled, floating closer to Magus. "Why not have a little fun?" Magus laughed coldly and nodded in reply.

Glenn swallowed heavily at the mystics words. He knew all too well what was about to happen….


Let's learn a li'l something.

The 'Masamune', a sword the appears in a number of games as the all-powerful sword (Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, and others) is actually a reference to a famous sword smith (Whom may, or may not be a myth) that lived in Japan about the same time as the Chinese Dynasties. Masamune was a sort of mercenary swords smith who devoted almost his entire life to finding a way to forge the perfect sword. After many years, he finally crafted one, naming it the Masamune. Said to slice through any sword or armor in old legends the Masamune was one of the most fabled artifacts of the time. Though whether or not it really existed, or if the sword is still around somewhere today, is unknown to me. On an unrelated note, there also happens to be a famous manga artist by the name of Masamune Shirow. (Being a fan of his I just HAD to put that ^-^) Well known for his works Dominion Tank Police, Ghost in the Shell, and several other sci-fi/mecca series.


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