Glenn's Anguish Part XII

Cat And Mouse

By Hyper Angel

Tension ran high between the group. Or for Glenn at least. He stood apprehensively upon the ledge adjoining the cave, the two mystics hovering silently. For awhile, everything seemed to drag on endlessly.

The howl of the winds famous to the mountains had surprisingly died away, leaving an eerie silence around the cliff. The only sound that met the squire's ears was that of the gushing waterfall that lie not far below him. That, and the soft wheezing breaths of the mystic general Ozzie as he stared down at the terrified youth. A twisted grin was plastered across his scaly face.

Magus smiled wryly, very slowly he drifted closer. "How odd…." He remarked, as though awestricken by something Glenn could not know. Glenn edged away slightly, not wishing to be left open to anything the mystic lord had in for him. The Magus' smiled broadened. He shifted his grip on his scythe, lowering so that it came frighteningly close to the young man's face. Glenn immediately cringed away. And thus, the mystic withdrew, amused to see Glenn's small, tense reaction.

Ozzie, who still maintained his position high above them, scuffed in contempt. "Just how much longer is this damned game of cat and mouse going to go on?" He whined, crossing his arms in annoyance. Magus shifted his gaze back to his exceedingly impatient accomplice, whom at the mere sight of the gesture reeled back to avoid an immanent thrashing. Though Magus only looked at him, and it took the stout general a few moments to realize it.

Magus turned away roughly, not saying a word. His gaze seemed coldly demure and unfocused as he looked onward.

A wind picked up again, strangely unfamiliar in a way. It stirred his long hair up wildly as it once again picked up during the bout of silence, sweeping it in elegant torrents against his pale face. Though it seemed somehow different to the winds that had blown through the lofty mountains that Glenn had felt before.

There was a low moaning howl resonating from deep within the ominous breeze. As though whispering words into the mage's ears. A cold chill accompanied the dull howl as it whipped past Glenn's badly slashed and bruised arms. He shivered and crossed his arms tightly to try and counter the bitter wind's frigid gusts. Magus slowly lifted his head, the wind gradually receding as he turned back to face Ozzie. His crimson eyes shone with even more malice than Glenn had noticed in them before.

The two exchanged no words, though it seemed they understood each other perfectly.


"Ha-hah." Ozzie chuckled briskly, moving slightly further away from the cliff's edge. Glenn knew this was not to his favor, for now he was trapped between the two scheming Mystics. His only way out was by the ledge which he stood upon, and the fall alone would surely kill him. He groaned, either way his fate would probably end up to be death.

"You fear for pathetic life, boy?" Magus sneered, it seemed he was reading Glenn's very thought. He shook his head, still grinning softly. "Oh, I wouldn't worry." He lamented calmly. "There's no game in merely killing you right here."


Ozzie stifled back laughter, and Glenn shifted his weight within his boots in more terror than ever before. The mystics were watching his fear mount, and it filled the both of them with more prides as they watched him, that Glenn was sure of.

In a sudden flash, Ozzie darted forward, hovering just his lord. He bobbed about eager like an overexcited child, looking from Glenn to Magus, and then back again. His demented grin seemed wider than ever, he spun around as if he had made the greatest decision of all time.

"So….let's say we give him a form more fitting-!"The general crowed in such a loud tone that birds scattered into the air from their places within the trees above. The two both laughed harshly, Magus was hesitant to comply it seemed. "But of course…"

Glenn looked around frantically, his feet shuffling roughly against the looses dirt that covered the ledge. The rocks he kicked up slipped away, tumbling down into the water far below there was absolutely no way out. He winced, backing away to the cliff's very edge in some futile hope that could save him. "W-wait." He murmured hastily.

"S-surely…th-there must be some other way…." He may as well have begged them to simply kill him right there, at this point Glenn didn't care.

Magus smiled coldly, raising a hand up slightly towards Glenn. "But you see…" He sighed, almost sounding disappointed. "That would be far to easy." A ball of light formed within his palm as he spoke the words seething with malice and spite

"Plus, what would the fun in that be?!" Ozzie added in ecstatic frenzy. He clutched both hands together and bobbed about in midair like some overexcited child.


Magus extended his arm outward suddenly, he turned his hand into a full circle as if beckoning something. He finished the gesture by drawing his hand back, moving it forward as he pointed to Glenn haphazardly. A beam light flashed and Glenn instantly reeled back, it took him a split second to realize what had happened in that time.

His body was aglow with a strange energy, it tore through him like wildfire and burned twice as painfully. He shrieked with pain and anguish as he fell backwards, though there was nothing there to catch him in the fall. He screamed, clawing frantically at the cliff's edge in an attempt to pull himself back up, the sand and dirt pulled loose with every sweep, leaving him in no better a spot.

With a final grab, he latched onto a root embedded deep within the ledge's soil. He clutched on it for dear life, his entire being to pulsation with a strange, sickening feeling. Though the dirt gave way again, slipping outward and knocking into his face as gravity tugged at it so ruthlessly. Glenn cried out hopelessly, his luck had definitely run out this time. And all at once, the root slipped free. The only sound heard was Glenn's own screaming, trailing all the way down into the icy cold waters below…


To Be Continued…..


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