A Secret Conflict Part II

Never Look Back

By Star Kitten

"Nooooooooo!" He shrieked in agony.

"Vincent-?!" A worried voice cried. He jerked back. Tifa was standing at his bedside, her eyes filled with an uncertain fear.

He realized he was back in the house that Cloud and the others had built shortly after their victory over Sephiroth. It had been four months since then, and Vincent was still unable to attain a sense of peace as he had promised Lucrecia so long ago. Though now that she was gone, he sometimes hardly felt like anything was worth it anymore. Though the rest of the group, especially Tifa tried hard to treat him as kindly as they could.

He turned to Tifa slowly, forcing a reassuringly calm look to her. "I'm…I'm okay." Vincent gasped breathlessly. "It was just a dream… it's nothing."

"Some dream then." Tifa replied uneasily, pushing the long strands of her auburn hair from her eyes. "What was so bad about it then?"

"I don't know…." He sighed. "It just seemed so strange. So real." He paused for a moment, shaking his head apprehensively. He caressed his right hand along the metal claw that had been an ever-lasting reminder of his horrific experiences ever since those three decades ago. "Maybe I actually am starting to lose it now…" He muttered

"Don't say that." Tifa protested, grabbing him by the shoulder. The sudden touch made him slightly more uneasy.

"We've all had our share of troubles, but one nightmare can't send you over the edge just like that." She assured him. "I've had a lot to deal with myself, but we can't just dwell on the past all the time without looking ahead to the future." She paused, shifting her gaze away. "Aerith always used to say that…" Her voice cracking slightly at the mention of their deceased companion.

"Funny," Tifa sighed. "She always could see the brighter side of things. No matter how bleak things got, she always tried to stay optimistic to the end… the very end…"

Vincent nodded. " I suppose you're right, Tifa." He sighed, laying back against the headboard of his bed. God, I hope so…. He added to himself silently.

"Just try and get some rest alright?" Tifa pleaded, forcing herself to a cheerfully airy tone. "Some of us are going into Midgar tomorrow. You know, check up on Ms. Gainsborough and Reeve… Would you want to come?"

Vincent nodded again, still unable to shake the thought of the vision in the dream.. "Yes… that'd be nice."

Tifa smiled widely at his hesitant agreement. "Great! Well, see ya in the morning then!" She called, though Vincent knew she was only forcing herself to act cheerful.

Without another word, the young woman turned for the door. Though she paused just as she stood in the threshold. "And Vincent…" Tifa called softly, turning back to him. He chipper mood fading to how it really was. "If you're worried about something, you don't have to keep it a secret." She paused, running her fingers along the wood work of the door listlessly before looking back to him. I'm sure there's something we could do to help."

"I know Tifa." He muttered. "But I don't know if I should just yet…." Tifa smiled and nodded. "It's alright, I understand." She turned again and headed out. "See you in the morning!"

As Tifa disappeared around the corner, Vincent slowly lay back down in his bed. For a while, he could only stared up at the Ceiling. Just wondering. Was the nightmare some sort of omen this time? If so Vincent could only begin to guess what it had meant. Or if it really had been Lucrecia had tried to warn him, not just another part of his own imagination.

But the still question remained firm in his mind. What did it mean?


Vincent sighed heavily, pulling the covers over himself tightly. He knew all he could do for now was wait. Because sooner or later, he'd find out.


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