Glenn's Anguish Part I (Prologue)

Dreams of Glory

By StarKitten

550 a.d.

"Cyrus?…Hey Cyrus, are you ready?" The young squire, Glenn, called down from the steps of the soldier's quarters. "In a minute." A voice replied from below.

Within a few minutes a tall young man emerged from the quarters, dressed in full armor and a helmet tucked under his arm. His brown hair was swept in wild angles, tied back by the bandanna he had worn since Glenn had known him.

Glenn admired how strong and gallant looking Cyrus was in the Knight's uniform. Unlike himself. With his shabby casual clothes, with only an old worn out bronze plate for armor, Glenn had always tried to be more like Cyrus to no avail. And worst of all was his stringy hair that was green, of all colors. Besides, how could a lanky and awkward fifteen year old boy compare to a dashingly built twenty year old man? Even though the two were friends, sometimes Glenn wished he had the handsome appearance and extravagant reputation Cyrus always had. Just once, he'd like to see all the village girls swoon and giggle as he walked by like with Cyrus.

Cyrus grinned at him as he ascended the staircase to the main hall of Guardia castle. "So what do you think, Glenn?" He asked as he joined the squire. "You look great Cyrus" He replied, "…Or should I say, Sir Cyrus?"

Cyrus chuckled and gave him a playful swing, which Glenn dodged easily. "Hey, we're friends right?" He laughed, "Drop the formal stuff okay?" Glenn smiled and nodded eagerly.

"Well, let's get going…" said Cyrus as he rounded the corner to the main gate. Yet they were just a few yards away from the gate when a sudden outburst stopped them.

"Wait!!" A feminine voice had suddenly cried out. Cyrus and Glenn both spun around in unison as the heavy door leading to the throne room was slammed open.

A young woman in her late twenties dressed in a fine, white silk gown with a shimmering ruby brooch rushed out of the door. It was Queen Leene, who had married into the Royal family only about 5 years ago. Even the flustered expression on her face as she tried to race down the huge staircase, Glenn was still captivated by her beauty.

Her hair, which was pulled back into a bun, was coming loose from her hurried rush and several strands were hanging out limply. She was panting to catch her breath as she joined them at the grand staircase. The entire Knights of Guardia followed shortly after her at a respective distance.

"I'm so glad…I…caught you two…" She wheezed between breaths. Cyrus bowed his head in respect. "My liege, it wasn't necessary to see us off now." He protested chastely as he rose. "We're only going to investigate a few loose ends of the kingdom. That's all. "

"Nonsense!" She replied, desperately trying to pull the rest of her hair back into place and regain a more authoritative appearance. "I insist upon it!" The guards all lined up respectively around her as she finished. "Yes, Sir Cyrus." One spoke up, "You're the most important fighter to the Royal Guard!"

Cyrus simply shook his head to that. "But Glenn here can handle a sword much better than I can. He'd probably do a far more better job than me if given the chance. Glenn blushed modestly as the soldiers and the queen turned their attention to him. "I-It's nothing, really." He stammered, backing away a little. "I mean, I don't think I could ever actually kill anybody in battle…or-"

"Oh Glenn." Leene sighed, moving in closer to him. "You're a wonderful fighter. Just because you a bit more sensitive doesn't make you any less greater." She put her hand on his shoulder reassuringly. Glenn could feel his cheeks flush at her touch. Cyrus chuckled at that, which only added to Glenn's embarrassment. He pulled away quite suddenly, all he wanted was to get away before he was even further humiliated. "Uh… We really should get going now M'Lady." He mumbled quickly, his heart racing. Leene nodded and smiled in response. The two, soldier and squire, turned and finally made their way out of the palace's main gate.

"Take care Cyrus!" Leene called after them. "And you too, Glenn!" She added. They both turned and waved before heading into the thicket at the edge of Guardia Forest.

Perhaps… Glenn thought as the trudged behind Cyrus further into the forest gloom. This journey may be exciting after all.


If only he had known then……


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