Glenn's Anguish Part II

Revelation in the Woods

By StarKitten

550 a.d.

"So we're we going to first?" Glenn asked as the two slowly made their way to the dim forest maze. "I was thinking…" Cyrus relied, pausing to clear a small overhanging branch from the path, "That maybe we should head for the cursed woods first, and… retrieve the hero's medal." He had said the last word so quickly that Glenn was barely able to make out what he said. It hit him like lightening when he figured out those mumbled words.

Glenn stopped in his tracks upon realizing it. "T-The medal?" He echoed. "Surely you don't mean…" Cyrus grinned confidently, but he still looked a bit uneasy about the subject. "Yes, I'm going after the Masamune." He announced before Glenn could even ask. Cyrus abruptly continued to walk down the beaten path. Glenn was quick to follow. "But Mount Denorado is way to dangerous!" Glenn protested as he caught up. "Between those weird monsters and those fierce winds…"

"I know the risks Glenn, that's why I took you along. With the two of us together, nothing can stand in our way. I'm sure of it." Cyrus turned away for a moment. Glenn hesitated to ask him next. "Why…" He muttered. "Why do you want to go after that blasted sword now?"

Cyrus sighed. "I knew you wouldn't go for this… I guess I should have told you in the first place, but…"

"INTRUDERS!!" A voice suddenly shrieked. Glenn and Cyrus both jumped back in surprise. Two short little blue men leapt out from a cluster of nearby bushes. They were followed by a strange round looking creature that literally rolled into the clearing. "Imps!" Glenn hissed in annoyance. "Heh, look's like we're getting' to be well known around here…" The first Imp boasted.

"And who are you to call us intruders?" Cyrus snapped, drawing his sword. The second Imp shrieked with laughter. "We OWN these woods now!" It cried. "And we're gonna smash anybody that trespasses!"

"Yeah, like you guys!" The rolly creature added giddily. "Quiet you!" The first snapped, kicking a rock straight into the rolly's face. "OW! Hey!" It screamed. When it tried to tend to it's bruise, the second Imp snuck up and kicked the creature from behind like a ball, sending it soaring straight for a distracted Glenn.

"Cyrus!" He cried out. In a flash, the knight jumped in front of him and slashed at the creature with all his strength. It screamed in pain and fell to the ground. Blood was oozing from the gash Cyrus' sword had left. Within seconds it disenigrated into a fine red mist, a stain still left on the ground from its blood.

"Ugh… I'm gonna be sick." Glenn groaned. "Don't worry, I'll handle the rest." Cyrus replied to reassure him. "The hell you will!" The first Imp snapped. "You're gonna pay for killin' OUR flunky!" Cyrus ignored the creatures' ranting and prepared to strike again.

"Just you wait!" The second added as the two began to retreat back to the bushes. "The Lord Magus will hear of this! Then you'll be sorry you ever thought about that stupid sword!!" With that, they both disappeared into the thick bushes which they had came from.

"Geez…" Glenn gasped as he wiped the sweat from his brow, "What was all that about?" Cyrus glanced around uneasily for a moment and then shook his head.

"That's what I tried to tell you." He sighed. "It's because of more and more monsters like those showing up around here that I have to find that sword. Only then can I put a stop to all this chaos…" He shuddered and continued.

"If we don't, who knows? In ten years they may have enough of those things for an entire army!"

Glenn brushed the dirt off his clothes and stood back up. "But how can the Masamune stop it?"

"The only way to solve a problem is to get to it's source, right?" Cyrus replied. Glenn shrugged and nodded.

"Well then the source of all these Imps an such is from those blasted Mystics of the central continent, Medina." He paused, "So the only way to stop all of them is to get to their leader."

Glenn could feel his stomach was tying into knots the more Cyrus talked. He took a deep breath and gulped. "You mean….Magus, don't you?"

Cyrus nodded solemnly. "I knew I just couldn't tell Queen Leene what I was really planning to set out for." He turned and faced the direction the castle was at. "She'd never allow me to try something so dangerous." Realizing the grim look on Glenn's face, he quickly tried to force a smile. "Of course, I couldn't do it alone either…That's why I need you Glenn. You're the only one who'll understand what I have to do."

Glenn nodded hesitantly as they walked on. This was all sounding more and more confusing and risky by the moment, but he knew this would be the only way. If he could prove himself to Cyrus…and the entire kingdom, then maybe they'd realize how much skill he really had.

Daylight was beginning to become more clearer as the thick canopy of the trees overhead began to thin out. Meaning they had almost reached the wood's edge.

Yet with each step closer to the outside beyond the Guardia Forest, Glenn couldn't help thinking about how he had panicked back at the skirmish with the Imps.

And the more he thought about it… The more he wondered. Could he really stand up for himself when it really counted? He shook his head to clear his thoughts. Yes… He told himself. Of course I can do it. Then They'll all see how brave I am. Just as good as Cyrus even!


Still, as they both reached the edge of the woods. And as they both held the huge Zenan bridge in their sights; Glenn knew that a part of him still didn't believe what he had told himself…..


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