A Secret Conflict Prelude II

None the Wiser

By Hyper Angel

"T-that's Hojo?!" Kaolin gasped in horror. "How.. What…"


Malise mumbled a quick comment his breath and moved up beside the terrified soldier Kaolin by the chamber. He pushed his long dark red hair from his eyes and shook his head in disgust of the rookie's shock.

"Damn, kid. Don't they tell you anything?" He sneered, placing a firm hand on Kaolin's trembling shoulder. "Right after that whole Sister Ray and Weapon episode. The nut tried to go and overload the cannon to give power to Sephiroth…"

"What's that got to do with it?" Kaolin asked, his voice still sounding a bit shaken. Malise shot him another annoyed look and continued on. "But… the old fool had injected himself with Jenova cells, and…well…" Malise stopped for a moment. He suddenly turned his attention to the glass chamber. The being that was Hojo weakly raised its left claw up. With an irked look in its eyes, it lifted up a monstrous claw and rough scraped against the glass. Causing a wrenching sound that echoed through the near empty lab. The two soldier's winced and both covered their ears.

Lanai laughed softly at the spectacle. "Watch what you say boys!" She chuckled. A wide grin etched across her face. "He's still very aware of what you say you know!"

"Yeah, thanks for the warning." Malise groaned sarcastically, rubbing his ears as if that could help to end the ringing in them.

"Besides," He continued on, trying to act unphased. "That's what he gets for trying to-" Again. Hojo lifted a claw up. Almost as if daring him to finish his sentence. Kaolin grabbed Malise by the arm quickly before he could try his luck.

"Just give it a rest, Sir." He sighed, forcing himself to keep a respective tone. The two both turned back to Lanai without another word. Malise quickly shot a contemptuous look to the mutated professor before doing so.

Kaolin looked over Rufus' dead body nervously. He wondered what Lanai could possibly want with the President's corpse. Though seeing the look in her eyes when she talked about it, plus what Hojo himself had pulled off, it gave him a vivid idea of what. Kaolin shuddered and quickly tried changed to subject in hopes to get his mind off the thought.

"Hey….uh, didn't those Avalanche terrorists take Hojo out back then though?" He asked, Lanai, his gaze quickly falling upon the hideous form of the scientist. She paused from examining Rufus and looked up to him. She shot him yet another look of aggravation. It seemed as if every word Kaolin said was setting people off in some way.

"Of course they killed him you incompetent idiot." She snorted. "But I restored him, and kept him here without what was left of the Shinra knowing." She grinned widely and turned back to Rufus. "Just like I'll do with him…."

Malise spun around from staring at Hojo and faced the female scientist with a shocked look. "You'll do what?!"

"Well, to put it frankly; I'll bring him back to life." She replied nonchalantly.

"Whoa hold on!" Kaolin objected, pushing his way between the two. "Don't you think the Shinra should know about this. I mean, he is the President and-"

"Not anymore he's not." Lanai retorted, a mischievous gleam in her eyes. " Haven't you heard? Since our beloved leader's untimely demise… Reeve's been put in charge as President. So they'll be none the wiser to my little plans!"

Kaolin shook his head frantically. "B-but… what will you do to him then?" Kaolin stammered. Though he feared he didn't want to know the answer.

Lanai laughed at the soldier's worried question, a sound that was beginning to get more than annoying. She tossed her raven hair back in an arrogant fashion, fixing her cold hazel eyes on the two soldiers like a predator with it's prey. "Trust me. I'll tell you… soon enough, that is."


The words echoed in Kaolin's mind.


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