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July 20th, 2022
As you may have noticed, the "new and improved" fanfic library died many, many years ago. Unfortunately, I don't have the know-how or free time to fix it, so I've switched the main fanfic link back to this one. The downside is that all of the fanfiction that was added after switching to the new library in 2006 is (currently) lost. But the site's in archive mode now, so at least most everything posted from 1997-2006 should still be up here.

February 19th, 2006 - It's Time For A Change!
The new fanfic library is now up and running and ready for use! I'm going to leave this one up as an archive, though, so it'll still be around. If you've got stories posted on the site, I've already got an account set up for you; contact me at fanfic(at)icybrian(dot)com and I'll send you your password. If not, feel free to head on over and start one up. The Committee's all set up over there now, so you can go ahead and start submitting stories to the new site (and the insanely long waits will now be a thing of the past.)

I've got all the stories in the library transferred over there, and I'm now working on the Committee box backlog. If you've submitted a story to the Committee but haven't heard back on it yet, go ahead and submit it at the new site and I'll push it to the top of the priority list and respond ASAP.

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"Introduction to 006" - Two Parts.
"Frog is Dead" - Prologue, Four Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).

"Chrono Crystalline" - Prologue And One Chapter.

"Cthulu Trigger Bloodlines" - Prologue And Two Chapters.

Andy DuVigneau
"Curse of Time" - Prologue And Eight Chapters.

"Genesis Through Revelation" - Introduction And Nine Parts.
"Slippin'" - One Part (Finished).

"The End of Time" - Fifteen Chapters (Finished).
"The Continuation" - Introduction And Three Chapters.

Athana Soulfire
"Reminiscing" - One Part (Finished).

Average Joe
"Unsung Heroes: Devon, 2300 AD" - Eight Chapters And Afterward (Finished).
"Ill Tides" - Prelude And Four Chapters.

"Hunter's Moon" - Prologue And Five Chapters.

"Crono And Marle" - Married At Last: Six Chapters (Finished).

Azure Angel
"Glenn's Anguish" - Fifteen Parts And Epilogue (Finished).
"Prayer for the Dying" - Prologue And One Part.

"In Cyrus' Shoes" - Six Chapters (Finished).

"Chronostone" - Two Chapters.

"Space, Time, and Death" - Prologue And Ten Chapters (Finished).

Bounty Hunter Lani
"The Parasite Timekeeper" - One Chapter.

Brandon Schwartz
"The Absence of Friends" - Seven Chapters (Finished).
"Final Judgement" - Two Chapters.

Brian Caughell
"3rd Annual Meeting Of The Local Imp's Union, Guardia Chapter" - One Part (Finished).

Cadet McNally
"Chrono Trigger" - Live After Lavos: One Part (Quit).
"Crono Goes to College" - Three Parts (Finished).
"The MSTed Generation" - Prologue And Thirteen Parts.

"Chrono Continuum" - Notes, One Hundred Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).
"No Peace for the Hero" - Prologue And Four Chapters.
"Nature of the Enemy" - Prologue And Two Parts.
"StarCrossed" - Foreword, Prologue, and Nineteen Chapters.

"Mystics" - One Part (Finished)

Captain Gaul
"A Typical Arrest in Truce Village" - One Part (Finished).
"A Typical Day on Guardia Patrol" - One Part (Finished).
"Crono's Agent" - One Part (Finished).
"Guardia's Finest" - Prologue, Six Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).
"Patrol Abroad" - Prologue, Ten Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).
"Fight the Fanfic" - Two Prologues, Eleven Chapters, Epilogue, And Author's Notes (Finished).

Christopher Anthony Blair
"Chrono Trigger" - The Time Strikers: Four Characters Specs, Fourteen Parts And Epilogue (Finished).

"The Rise of Evil" - Twenty Chapters (Finished).
"Diverting Armageddon" - Seven Chapters.

"When the Stars Rule the Mind" - One Chapter.

"Chrono Trigger: Dare" - Prologue, Thirty-Six Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).

"The Revenge Of A Forgotten Foe" - Three Episodes (Finished).

"A Chrono Trigger Christmas" - One Part (Finished).

"The Crimson Pendant" - One Chapter.

Crystal Zeal
"A.Z. - After Zeal" - Prologue And Seven Chapters.
"The Birth of the Sun Stone" - One Part (Finished).

"Chrono Trigger: Things Left Undone Book 1" - Sixteen Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).
"Chrono Trigger: Things Left Undone Book 2" - Fifteen Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).
"Chrono Trigger: Things Left Undone Book 3" - Fourteen Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).
"Daughter of the Moon" - One Part (Finished).
"What Now" - One Chapter.
"Of Magic and Mayhem" - Eleven Chapters.

Daniel Ray
"A King, And His Tools" - One Part (Finished).

Dark Magus
"A New Threat" - Four Character Stats, Fifteen Parts, And Epilogue (Finished).
"The New Generation" - Prologue And Fourteen Parts (Discontinued).
"Kairos Trigger" - Intro, Notes, Prologue, And Three Chapters.

Dawn Wilkins
"Haughty--->Tragedy" - One Part (Finished).
"I, Magus: Memoirs of a Prophet" - Prologue And Four Chapters.

"Shadow Temple of Zeal" - Twenty-Seven Chapters & Epilogue (Finished).

"Chrono Trigger: Descent" - Prologue And One Chapter.

"Ascent" - Prologue and One Chapter.

Dragoon Taryn
"Chrono Trigger: The Lost Force" - Prologue, Eight Chapters, And Afterthoughts (Finished).

Emperor Ego
"R-66Y" - Five Parts (Finished).

"Dark Winds" - Seven Chapters, Epilogue, And Author's Notes (Finished).
"Dust in the Wind" - One Part And Author's Notes (Finished).

Ersatz Sobriquet
"Glen" - One Part (Finished).
"A Warrior's Bane" - One Part (Finished).

"Magus' Child" - Seven Chapters (Finished).

"The Sweet Child of Heaven" - One Part (Finished).

Froborr d'Wiggy
"The Children Of Zeal" - Character List, Prologue, And Seven Chapters.

Gasper S. Keltner
"The Loss" - Four Parts and Epilogue (Finished).

"Time to Dream" - One Part (Finished).

"To My World and Back Again" - Disclaimer, Prologue, and Nineteen Chapters.
"Of Magic and Mayhem" - Eleven Chapters.

"Parasite: Prologue" - Seven Chapters And Notes (Finished).
"Parasite: Part One" - Fourteen Chapters (Finished).
"Parasite: Part Two" - Eight Chapters (Finished).
"Parasite: Part Three" - Nine Chapters (Finished).
"Parasite: Epilogue" - Three Chapters And Author's Notes (Finished).
"Reflection" - One Part (Finished).

Gryphon Rampant
"The Jaharyn Girl" - Two Chapters.

Husker Du
"The Biggest Sacrifice" - Ten Parts (Finished).
"The Biggest Threat" - Four Parts.
"Chrono Trigger: The Death Gate Cycle" - Prologue And Two Parts.

Iced Blood
"Lord of Terror" - Prologue And Fourteen Chapters.
"Lonely, Broken Hero" - One Part (Finished).

Icy Brian
"A Shadow of Evil" - Prologue, Ten Chapters, and Afterthoughts (Finished).

"You've Come A Long Way, Baby" - Prologue And Twenty Chapters (Finished).

"The War Over Time" - Prologue, Forty-Seven Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).

"Bitterness and Obsession" - One Part (Finished).
"Call of Lavos" - One Part (Finished).

"The Ancient Tree" - Eleven Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).
"Lucca's Story" - Four Parts (Finished).

"Chrono Trigger Dimensions" - Introduction, Forty-Four Chapters, Epilogue, and 'Making Of' (Finished).
"Chrono Trigger Invasions" - Forty Chapters (Finished).
"Chrono Trigger Culminations" - Ten Chapters.
"Chrono Trigger: The Mistake" - Introduction, Prologue, And Four Chapters (Finished).
"Chrono Trigger Prophecies" - Prologue, Thirty Chapters, Epilogue, And Notes (Finished).
"Interminable Hope" - One Part (Finished).

John Donahue
"Tides Of Chaos" - Ten Chapters (Finished).
"The Beginning Of The End" - Eight Chapters (Finished).
"Chrono Trigger: Relationships" - Prologue And Twelve Chapters (Finished).
"A Message From the Darkness" - One Part (Finished).

John Kastronis
"Through the Eyes of the Beast" - Four Chapters (Finished).

"Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story" - Prologue, Thirty-Four Chapters, Author's Note, And Epilogue (Finished).

Justin Anderson
"MST3K Fanfic #001: 'A Shadow Of Evil'" - Prologue, Ten Chapters, And Interlude (Finished).
"Ash Through Time: Prologue, Fourteen Parts, And Epilogue.

"The Wrath Of Anthos" - Prologue, Twelve Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).

"An Evil Beyond Lavos" - Eighteen Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).
"Innocent Blood" - Prologue And Eight Chapters.

"The Sentinel" - Six Chapters.
"Doom of Guardia: The Great Fire" - One Part (Finished).

"The Magus Hunted" - Five Chapters.

"Black and White" - Prologue And One Chapter.
"Coping With Grief" - Two Chapters.

Keith Adams
"Chrono Trigger: The Shadows" - Fifty Chapters (Finished).

Key Mima
"A Melting of a Heart" - Twenty-Two Chapters.

Krazy Sam
"Finally Married" - Seven Parts and Epilogue (Finished).
"Almost Dead" - Two Parts (Finished).
"Changing The Past" - One Part (Finished).
"Losing You" - One Part (Finished).
"Broken" - Four Parts (Finished).
"The Next Generation" - Twenty-One Parts (Quit).

"Specter of the Past" - Prologue And Twelve Chapters.

Lavos Core
"Crono And Marle Get Married" - Four Chapters (Finished).
"The Story Of Lavos" - One Part (Finished).
"The Death Of A Member" - One Part (Finished).

"Dream Quest" - Four Chapters.

"Chrono Trigger: What It Is To Lose" - One Part (Finished).

"Man No Longer" - One Part (Finished).

Loren Leah
"Bridge Under The Silver Moon" - One Part (Finished).
"A Test of Truth" - Two Chapters.

Marle's Boy
"Entity" - One Chapter.

Martin Berglund
"The Dark Storm" - Prologue, Ten Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).
"The Legend of Chrono Trigger" - Notes And Twenty-Six Chapters (Finished).

Master Odin
"The NightFire Invasion: The Silence Broken" - Prologue, Twenty-Two Chapters, And Author's Notes (Finished).

Matthew Collier
"On the Subject of Lavos" - One Part (Finished).

"Chrono Trigger: Timeless Angels" - Nineteen Parts And Author's Notes (Finished).

"Fall From Grace" - The Story of Queen Zeal: Prologue And Five Chapters.
"A Searching at an End" - One Part (Finished).
"Memories" - One Part (Finished).

"The Shifters" - Six Parts (Finished).
"The Lavos Worshipper's Plan" - Four Parts (Finished).

Michael Pearce
"Silent Wind" - One Part (Finished).

"Amor Vincit Omnia" - Thirty Chapters And Explanations (Finished).
"Life, Time, and Reason Divided" - Prologue And Two Sections With Four Parts.

Mirai Gen
"Blood Relations" - One Chapter.

Mox Jet
"Chrono Trigger: The Planeswalkers" - Notes, Forty Chapters, Epilogue, And Credits (Finished).
"Chrono Trigger: Twins of Destiny" - Notes, Prologue, Twenty-Five Chapters, and Epilogue (Finished).
"Chrono Trigger: Times of War" - Prologue And One Chapter.
"Flames of Vengeance: Symphony of Chaos" - Notes, Foreword, Prologue, And Fourteen Chapters.
"The Purge" - One Part (Finished).

"Faith and Determination" - One Part (Finished).
"A Date To Remember" - One Chapter.

"Quiet Water, Still Water" - One Part (Finished).
"Prelude to the Chronicles" - Nine Chapters (Finished).

"The Origin/Aftermath of Mount Woe" - Prologue, Fifty Chapters, And Three-Part Epilogue (Finished).
"The Trials Of The King" - Notes, Prologue, Eleven Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).
"Tempo Trigger" - Notes, Prologue, And Fifty-One Chapters.
"MFT3K: Episode #101: 'The Sword of Zeal'" - Intro, Prologue, And Eleven Chapters (Finished).
"MFT3K: Episode #102: 'The Lost Force'" - Intro And Eight Chapters (Finished).
"MFT3K: Episode #103: 'The Sword of Zeal: The Lost Chapters'" - Intro And Six Chapters (Finished).

Nassaire Blue
"Fallen Dreams" - Three Chapters.

Nico Turner
"A Winding Path" - One Part (Finished).

"An Ending" - One Part (Finished).
"Shiro Trigger" - Author's Notes, Prologue, And One Chapter.
"Vengeance" - One Part (Finished).

Nihon Soba
"Chrono Trigger: Dangerous Times" - Seven Chapters (Finished).
"Chrono Trigger: Time of Illusion" - Author's Notes, Prologue, And Five Chapters.
"I'm Alive" - One Part (Finished).

"The Disease Called Evil" - Prologue, Nine Chapters, Notes, And Epilogue (Finished).

"Battling Foes" - One Part (Finished).

Ollen Cummings
"When Tomorrow Never Comes" - One Part (Finished).

Paul Nathans
"Lavoid Trigger" - Notes, Two Prologues, And Two Chapters.

"The Wizard's Quest" - Four Chapters (Finished).

Prince Nightmare
"Tragedy of the Raven" - Prologue And Twenty-Three Chapters.

"Principles of Paradox" - Prologue And Three Chapters.

"Meant To Be" - Three Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).

Reido Shougeki
"Chrono Trigger Loops" - Prologue And Six Chapters.

"The Year of Robo" - Prologue, Twenty-Five Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).
"Echoes of the Past" - Six Chapters.

Sam Alexander
Meditations on Zealan Wisdom.
A Treatise on Zealan Magicks.
On Some Paradoxes of Chrono Trigger.

"And They Must Guide You" - One Part (Finished).
"It's Called Memories Of Crono" - One Part (Finished).
"Reality Warp" - One Part (Finished).

"Soul Pendant" - Prologue and Six Chapters.
"Broken" - Four Parts (Finished).
"The Story Continues Part I: The Titanic Twins" - Notes And Two Chapters.
"At the End of the Rainbow" - One Part (Finished).

"Dreaming the Future" - One Part (Finished).
"Shadows of the Past" - One Part (Finished).
"Natural Insanity" - One Part (Finished).

Serena Elisa
"The Monsters" - Prologue And Six Chapters.

"Problems Arise" - Three Chapters.

Shanley Wang
"Acidic Tears" - Prologue & Four Chapters.

Shaun Curran
"A Once Distant Memory" - Seventeen Chapters (Finished).

"Revenge For Our Fathers" - Six Parts And Epilogue (Finished).
"Birthright" - Nine Parts (Finished).
"A Birthday Gone Wrong" - Seven Parts And Epilogue (Finished).

Silent Elegy
"The Thief and the Swordsfrog" - Twenty Chapters (Finished).
"Confessions" - One Part (Finished).

Sir T. Magus
"The Adventures Of Marle And Lucca" - Three Parts (Finished).

Skankin' Lionel
"The Rainbow Shell" - Two Chapters (Finished).
"Understanding At Last" - Three Chapters (Finished).
"I'd Buy You A Little Fuzzy Bunny..." - One Part (Finished).

"Web of Illusion" - Prologue And One Chapter.

"Search For Schala" - Eight Parts (Finished).
"Escaping Fate" - Intro, Prologue, And Five Chapters.
"Forge" - One Part (Finished).

"Schala's Return" - One Part (Finished).

"Cloud Nine" - Nineteen Chapters (Abandoned).
"Chrono T.V." - One Part (Finished).
"Heart Moving" - One Part (Finished).
"Chrono TV: The Real World" - One Part (Finished).

"A New Land" - Prologue and Six Chapters (Finished).

The Demon
"Together" - One Part (Finished).
"North Cape" - One Part (Finished).
"Enemies Once Again" - One Part (Finished).
"The Fall Of Zeal" - One Part (Finished).

The Game God
"Uneasy Alliances" - Four Chapters (Finished).
"Crono and the Phantom Realm" - Five Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).
"Lucca's Desert Journey" - Prologue, Four Chapters, And Epilogue (Finished).
"A Brief History of Zeal" - One Part (Finished).
"Mystery of the Masamune" - Six Parts And Epilogue (Finished).
"Magus: Dark to Light" - Prologue, Two Parts, And Epilogue (Finished).
"The Greatest Princess of Guardia" - Prologue, Three Parts, And Epilogue (Finished).
"The Search for Zeal" - Four Chapters (Finished).

The Last of the Zealians
"Memories: Beholden" - One Part (Finished).

The Man
"Time Warps" - The Appearances: Five Chapters And Epilogue (Finished).
"The Story of Tata" - Prologue And Twenty-Three Chapters (Unfinished).
"Death and its Realms" - Prologue (Unfinished).
"A Knight's Tale" - One Part (Finished).

The Storyteller
"The White Mage and The Angry Toad" - Three Parts (Finished).
"The Adventures of Epoch" - Two Parts (Finished).
"The Gift of Song" - Five Parts (Finished).
"The Day the Epoch Ran Out of Gas" - Seven Parts (Finished).
"The Empty Nest" - Five Parts (Finished).
"Aphrodisiac" - One Part.
"The Beginning of a Dynasty" - One Part (Finished).
"Chrono Wars" - One Part (Finished).
"Innocence Found: A Chrono Trigger Christmas Story" - One Part (Finished).

Tina Branford
"War of the Mystics" - Prelude and Two Chapters.

"The Purge" - Three Parts.

Wayne Kramer
"The Chrono Trigger Novel" - Four Demo Chapters.

"The Mystic Strikes Back" - Three Chapters.

William Hughes
"Hostile Takeover" - One Part (Finished).
"Walking the Blade" - One Part (Finished).

Zach Glueck
"Magus" - One Part (Finished).

"The Story of Magus" - Twenty-Six Chapters.
"Amiable Silence" - One Part (Finished).

"Hero Undone" - Prologue And Nine Chapters.

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