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Well, its been way past time to Update this, but I've been busy so many other places around Online I haven't really bothered. I'm finally bothering, though.

However, there's a bit I'd like to get out of the way first: The 'Status Data' is no longer here because its really irrelevant. What is is a lot more important, and will be covered upon completion of the rest of these topics.

Please do not ask me if you can Post any stories found here on your Page. I Sent them here for a reason... Being that I liked the whole feel of this Page in general, nevermind the fast Updating. The fast Updating's gone, but the feel is still there. Such requests are just a nuisance whenever they pop up... No offense to anyone, of course. If I wish to Send a copy of any stories here to other Pages, I'll do so myself.

And, of course, the Copyrights. FINAL FANTASY: PATHWAYS OF FOREBODING, and DARKER THAN THE SHADOWS are Copyrighted to me, please do not abuse them. LAVOID TRIGGER is Copyrighted to both me and my good friend Nanaki of the Fiora Dragon Clan. Any additional stories will have their Copyrights added here as necessary. You've read this, so if I catch any ripoffs... You have been warned.

Now for the rest.

My Electronic Mail Address has changed, it is now It is named after my favorite character from the best Video Game to come out yet anywhere, and the best story I've experienced out of any story media, XENOGEARS.

Below you will find two finished stories, and one unfinished story that will eventually be finished... Its going to be finished, though, its got a lot of value to it, and I'm very attached to my stories, so it will get done. That is where the first important point comes in... Why I write.

I've loved to write since I was a child. Writing's not just something to be used for entertainment/publishing, or to practice literature skills, for me. I don't write for those purposes, the stories you'll find below are each written for a reason. Aside notes of those portions... If you must write an afterGame story, please do so if there's a reason, not just for another 'adventure/quest'. AfterGame Stories should be written if there are reasons for them, Games have Endings for reasons, too. When a story's over its over. If you feel you can expand the story in some way and/or show something using those characters, those are reasons. Not just an 'adventure'... Back on point.

I write because I love to write, to explore other worlds, to look at myself, and at others as I do so, at views on life, and contradicting views, and to thus learn more about the world through some aspects, while showing beliefs of mine to others. Also just to experience the worlds in their creating/unfolding, and the people within... Writing's something that's very beautiful to the point where its beyond describing, but that's why I've been writing since a child, and that's why I still do write, mainly. There are exceptions in some cases for certain pieces, but explanations are contained therein.

After seeing only two other cases in which viewpoints like this were expressed... Both of you know who you are, I presume... I felt it necessary to put this down.

Second will be my quote, it has an incredible meaning to it that I think all people should try to use. That will be at the conclusion of this description.

Which I'll wrap up with some tips against the so-called 'best mIRC Battler', Nanaki, member of the Fiora Dragon Clan. For starters, he may be a physical battler, and he's darned good there, but after two trial fights, one real one... A tie... Another, a loss, and in the middle of another, I've noticed a trend. Nanaki may be very, very skilled, and believe me when I say he is, but he is not very good at countering his opponent's magics, or trashing their defenses, that I've seen. Go to battle against him with a very, very good defense, or you may end up as nothing more than a pool of amorphous 'something' on whatever's left of the vicinity when he's done with you. Trust me, he is *that* good, and that's an understatement.

That's it.

I hope you enjoy the stories below.

"People support each other to live... That's what brings us happiness... So share that happiness... And please, Lacan, live!!"-Sophia

Final Fantasy Fanfic
ReviewableFinal Fantasy: Pathways of Foreboding- The calamity from the skies.

Two thousand years ago, she came. Falling from the ocean of stars, descending upon a world filled with life. Her purpose was unknown. Where she came was unknown. Why she came was unknown. Nearly everything about her was unknown.

What she did... The 'woman' the Cetra named 'Jenova' did upon landing a tiny globe in the universe... Is known within the records of history. Her effects upon the world, although they can't be associated with her from a surface glance... Have been disastrous. Billions of lives have suffered and perished through the chain reaction caused by her impact upon the world, her legacy is one of extinction, and misery.

Two thousand years later... Now... She herself was purged from the planet long torn by the miseries that she caused. She and her legacy and the effects she and her legacy had upon the world.

Yet why did she come? What purpose was there in the wanton destruction she unleashed, both purposefully, and as an aftermath? What were her effects upon the world, exactly, how far did her influence reach? And, most importantly... Why?

Those questions in themselves aren't really relevant.

The question is, now... Does the world finally truly have a chance to exist, free of agony upon agony, bloodshed upon bloodshed? Or is it only fooling itself into believing that its at last free... Are those who know anything of its pain fooling themselves into believing what they believed?

What lies in the future?

Happiness, at last...?

Or only more fear and foreboding?
Chapter One: Choice For The Future - January 9th, 1998
Chapter Two: Ancient Forest, Super Sweeper - January 9th, 1998
Chapter Three: Dreams Of The Past - January 9th, 1998
Chapter Four: The End Of The Beginning - January 9th, 1998
Chapter Five: Glimpses Into Times Before - January 9th, 1998
Chapter Six: From Person To Person... - January 9th, 1998
Chapter Seven: ...From Age To Age... - January 9th, 1998
Chapter Eight: ...As Long As Memories Last... - January 9th, 1998
Chapter Nine: ...We Will Never Forget... - January 9th, 1998
Chapter Ten: ...The Sacrifices That Have Been Made - January 9th, 1998
Chapter Eleven: Shining Through The Crying Planet - January 16th, 1998
Chapter Twelve: Threads Upon Which Many Travel - January 27th, 1998
Chapter Thirteen: Imbalance - February 6th, 1998
Chapter Fourteen: "I Am The One With The Time God..." - March 8th, 1998
Chapter Fifteen: The Wailing Planet - March 19th, 1998
Chapter Sixteen: Rebalance - March 29th, 1998
Chapter Seventeen: The Master And The Puppets - April 17th, 1998
Chapter Eighteen: Comprehension - April 17th, 1998
Chapter Nineteen: Lacuna - June 18th, 1998
Chapter Twenty: For The Sake Of Artesta - July 13th, 1998
Chapter Twenty-One: Precious Life - August 6th, 1998
Chapter Twenty-Two: To Cut The Strings Which Bind Us... - September 6th, 1998
Chapter Twenty-Three: Caught In The Flow - October 16th, 1998
Chapter Twenty-Four: Starry Heavens - October 16th, 1998
Chapter Twenty-Five: For The Sake Of All Life - November 13th, 1998
Epilogue: The Living Planet - November 13th, 1998
Author's Afterthoughts - November 13th, 1998
Credits - November 13th, 1998

Chrono Trigger Fanfic
Lavoid Trigger- 65,000,000 Years before the founding of the Kingdom of Guardia, it crashed to the Planet of Eolsia.
It is one amongst many of a race of beings that traverse the Universe, living, perishing, giving birth, and repeating the cycle.
They are regarded as monsters, shunned, destroyed for merely attempting to live.
They are Lavoids.

Countless lives lost across the Universe...
Interstellar beings that traverse the stars...
A group of beings dedicated to their destruction...
Life goes on without pause.

Only now the spark has ignited, and will ignite a blaze that shall engulf all that exists, everything in existence.

Brought to you by the Writer of FINAL FANTASY: PATHWAYS OF FOREBODING and the creator of such epics as THE ORIGIN/AFTERMATH OF MOUNT WOE and CHILDREN OF THE WAR...

A small group of people caught up in the conflagration...
A girl, endowed with powers beyond imagining...
A long-kept secret that is better left unknown...
And one child, perhaps the last, best hope for anyone to survive.

By Paul Nathans
And Nanaki

What has happened to this World... To the Universe?

What is survival?


What is evil lies only in the self.
Notes by Paul Nathans - February 1st, 1999, revised September 9th, 2001
Prologue 1: Drifting Among the Stars by Nanaki & Paul Nathans - February 1st, 1999, revised September 9th, 2001
Prologue 2: Forgotten Fatality - February 1st, 1999
Chapter 1: Tiny Red Star - February 1st, 1999, revised September 9th, 2001
Chapter 2: Initial Encounters - February 1st, 1999, revised September 9th, 2001

SaGa Frontier Fanfic
ReviewableDarker Than The Shadows
- A recounting of Emelia's experience in the high-tech prison Despair. Sometimes, when one has lost their reason for living, one must pass through a darkness to find a new reason.
SaGa Frontier: Darker Than The Shadows

Chrono Trigger Fanfic
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SaGa Frontier Fanfic