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July 20th, 2022
As you may have noticed, the "new and improved" fanfic library died many, many years ago. Unfortunately, I don't have the know-how or free time to fix it, so I've switched the main fanfic link back to this one. The downside is that all of the fanfiction that was added after switching to the new library in 2006 is (currently) lost. But the site's in archive mode now, so at least most everything posted from 1997-2006 should still be up here.

February 19th, 2006 - It's Time For A Change!
The new fanfic library is now up and running and ready for use! I'm going to leave this one up as an archive, though, so it'll still be around. If you've got stories posted on the site, I've already got an account set up for you; contact me at fanfic(at)icybrian(dot)com and I'll send you your password. If not, feel free to head on over and start one up. The Committee's all set up over there now, so you can go ahead and start submitting stories to the new site (and the insanely long waits will now be a thing of the past.)

I've got all the stories in the library transferred over there, and I'm now working on the Committee box backlog. If you've submitted a story to the Committee but haven't heard back on it yet, go ahead and submit it at the new site and I'll push it to the top of the priority list and respond ASAP.

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Alex Weitzman
"Musings From A God" (CT/FF7) - One Part (Finished).

Artificer Urza
"Ghosts of the Past, Present, and Future" (CC/CT) - Prologue and Six Chapters.

Balin Drax
"Final Fantasy 8 Remixed" (FF7/FF8) - Prologue and Four Chapters.

"Every Single RPG and RPG Crossover in Existence" (CT/FF7) - One Part (Finished).

"The Zodiac War" (FFT/FF7/FF8/FF9) - Fifty-Six Chapters and Epilogue (Finished).

Brenton Braswell
"Blades of Destiny" (FF7/FF8) - Twelve Chapters and Epilogue (Finished).

"The Chrono Splicer" (CC/CT) - Four Chapters.

Captain Gaul
"Wolfe Bite" (CT/FF6/FF7) - Eighteen Chapters and Epilogue (Finished).

"Last Chapter" (FF7/FF8) - One Part (Finished).

Dawn Wilkins
"SquareSoft: Generations" (CT/FF4/FF6) - Three Prologues, Interlude, and Fifteen Chapters.

Demon-Fighter Ash
"Until the End of Time "(CC/CT) - Seventeen Chapters and Epilogue (Finished).

Deona Lindholm
"Musia" (FF8/Lunar:SSSC/PE/Persona/Xenogears) - Eleven Chapters.

"Must See RPG" (CT/FF7/Suikoden/Xenogears) - One Part (Finished).

Ephraim Glass
"Exile of Light" (FF4/FF7) - Three Chapters.

Ersatz Sobriquet
"Necessary Data" (CT/Crystalis/FF1/SoE/Startropics) - One Part (Finished).

Fred Delles
"My Fellow Dragnierians" (BoF3/PS4) - One Part (Finished).
"My Fellow Dragnierians II" (BoF3/FF7/FF8/SO2/Suikoden/Xenogears) - Prologue and Two Chapters.
"Squaresoft/Back to the Future" (CT/FF5/FF6/FF7/SoM) - Prologue and Six Chapters.
"Violent is the Word for Kirkis" (BoF3/Suikoden) - One Part (Finished).

Froborr d'Wiggy
"The MSTing of an Ending" (CT/FFT) - One Part (Finished).

Gasper S. Keltner
"What If...: The Gate Key "(CT/FF7) - One Part (Finished).
"The Coming Storm" (CT/FF4) - Three Parts and Two Interludes.

"The Wizard Of Zozo" (CT/FF6/FF7) - One Part (Finished).

"In the Wake of the Lifestream" (FF7/LoD) - One Chapter.

Icy Brian
"Demon Gate" (CT/FF6/FF7/FFT/Suikoden) - Introduction and Four Chapters (Discontinued).

Jeff Schmidt
"Wishes" (CT/FF7/FFT/Vagrant Story) - Two Chapters.

"An Ultimate Quest" (CT/FF6/FF7) - Ten Chapters (Finished).

Link Kokori
"Diverging Paths" (CT/FF7) - Prologue, Eight Chapters, and Thoughts (Finished).

Loren Leah
"The New Returners" (CT/FF6) - Author's Notes, Four Parts, and Three Episodes.

Master Odin
"The NightFire Invasion: 'For Guardia!'" (CC/CT) - Prologue and Twenty-Seven Chapters (Finished).
"Far From Home Book One: The Time Warp" (CT/FF8) - Prologue and Twelve Chapters (Finished).
"Far From Home Book Two: Victory Garden" (CT/EB/FF8) - Prologue and One Chapter.

"A Square Deal" (CT/FF4/FF6/SoM) - Prologue And Fifteen Chapters.

Michael Greenhut
"Tears of Blood" (CC/CT) - Five Chapters (Finished).

Mikau A. Kaiousei
"Dawn To Dusk: A Kid's Story" (CC/CT) - Three Chapters.

"A Fanfic Reader's Worst Nightmare: The PipeGate to Truce" (CT/SMRPG) - One Part (Finished).

"The Soul of Zeal" (CC/CT) - Prologue and Five Chapters (Finished).

"Awakening the Hero" (CT/FF/Zelda) - Prologue And Five Chapters.

Neyon Karowitz
"Shades of Gray" (CT/FF6) - Two Chapters.

"Collision of Destinies" (FF4/FF5/FF6/FF7/FF8) - Two Chapters.

Paul Nathans
"Pathways of Foreboding" (FF1-7, FFT) - Twenty-Five Chapters, Epilogue, Afterthoughts, and Credits (Finished).

"Knight of Spira" (FF8/FF10) - Three Parts.

The Game God
"Fantasyrama" - One Part (Finished).

The Ionic Butterfly
"Princess Nadia's School for the Hopeless" (CT/FF6/FF7/LunarSSSC) - One Part (Finished).

The RPGenius
"Gallant Heart: Story of Odin" (FF/FF6/FF7/FFT) - Prologue And Three Chapters.

"Chrono Shift" (CC/CT) - Introduction, Prologue, And Eighteen Chapters.

"Adversary" (CT/FF7) - Eighteen Chapters.

"Square Wars" (CT/FF4-8/SoM/Xenogears) - Leaving a New Hope: Five Chapters (Finished).
"Square Wars" (CT/FF4-8/SoM/Xenogears) - The Shinra Strikes Back: Five Chapters (Finished).
"Square Wars" (CT/FF4-8/SoM/Xenogears) - The Return of the Paladin: Five Chapters (Finished).
"Square Wars" (CT/FF4-8/SoM/Xenogears) - The Galbadian Menace: One Chapter.

Ybrik Metaknight
"Legend of the Seven Swords" (CT/FF6/FF7/FF9/FFT/Zelda) - Prologue and Five Chapters.

Zaphod Beeblebrox
"The Gathering" (CT/FF6) - Prologue And Nine Chapters.
"What It's Like" (CT/FF6) - One Part (Finished).
"Some Enchanted Evening" (FF6/SO2) - Five Chapters (Finished).

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