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Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableSecurity Breach- This humorous piece of fan fiction is about Yuffie, and how she became the best of the best of the best… a Shinra security guard. She enters the profession thinking how she has all the power, but will she realize that she doesn’t?
Security Breach - September 15th, 1998

Breath of Fire 3 / Phantasy Star 4 Fanfiction
ReviewableMy Fellow Dragnierians
- When Rei screws up his New Year's Resolution toward Momo, he ends up on a quest with Ryu and Teepo to find the perfect gifts for her by New Year's, and find out why the heck Starbucks Coffee stores are popping up all over the place. Unfortunately, Alys Brangwin and her Phantasy Star team is out to kill them...
My Fellow Dragnierians - May 19th, 1999

BoF3 / FF7 / FF8 / Star Ocean 2 / Suikoden / Xenogears Fanfiction
My Fellow Dragnierians II- You've probably read tons of fanfics, right? Read this, and you suddenly might have a favorite. We're back with new jokes, humor, and the Breath of Fire 3 crew!

One year after the incidents of the first "My Fellow Dragnierians", Momo invents the "Gear and Infinitely Computerized Unit type II", aptly named the GICU-2. The group brings it to Shasazarade (in Suikoden) for the annual Invention Convention, going against Luc's wacko train car (if you don't know what it is, watch Wild Wild West). Suddenly, Elly van Houten attempts to blow it away with a Materia bomb, after demanding both Momo's Gear and the dragons Ryu, Teepo, and Hix... (Hix as in Ryu and Nina's son, not the guy from Suikoden)

What's more, the Breath of Fire 3 crew gets on the bad side of Fei Fong Wong and the RPG Magnificent Seven, consisting of the baddest gun-toting RPGers of the gaming world, ranging from FF7's Barret to Wild Arms' Rudy. Someone is sponsoring them to kill off the remaining Dragons of the eastern continent. They find that if many of the Dragons die, Myria will be able to return to the world. Then she will be defeated, and with no defenses left, Wyndia and the rest of the world will be conquered and partitioned by the countries and city-states of Midgar, Wutai, Vector, Solaris, and Tycoon (plus other cities and countries of the Square world). Can they be stopped? Can Shelia keep Wyndia's first budget surplus? What are the motives for the characters of the game Septerra Core? Will Breath of Fire finally get the fame it deserves? And finally, will they figure out if Alys Brangwin is Aeris's daughter…?
Prologue: Bleu and Leef's Bogus Journey - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 1: What Do You Want on YOUR Tombstone? - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 2: McDohl's Navy! - June 27th, 2000

Breath of Fire 3 / Suikoden Fanfiction
ReviewableViolent is the Word for Kirkis- After a near-death experience, Kirkis gets fighting mad whenever he hears the song "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin - of which aerobics instructor (and fight trainer) Nina plans to take full advantage.
Violent is the Word for Kirkis - August 7th, 1999

CT/FF5/FF6/FF7/Secret of Mana Fanfiction
Squaresoft/Back to the Future- After watching the three Back To The Future (BTTF) movies dozens of times, I thought that it would be cool if some of the Squaresoft characters and locations were represented with the stories from Back to the Future.
This story takes place thirty years after the destruction of Meteor, on October 23, 1997 A.J. (A.J. stands for After Jenova, about the time after Jenova destroyed the Ancients in FF7.) Cloud and Tifa marry, and have three children: Locke, Faris, and Crono. Crono ends up going back in time (again!) with Bugenhagen and Lucca’s invention, a modified time machine from the Tiny Bronco that can go back or forth to any era in time. Crono ends up thirty years in the past, during Cloud’s battle against Sephiroth, and accidentally screws up history. (It’s a surprise; read to find out!) Can Crono get back to the future? Can he repair history in the past? Will Aeris have an actual part in this fanfic without being killed? Will there be a fourth Back To The Future movie? The answers are in this Final Fantasy / Chrono Trigger fanfic!
Prologue - September 30th, 1998
Chapter 1: Crono's Curse - September 30th, 1998
Chapter 2: The Successful Failure - September 30th, 1998
Chapter 3: Midnight Massacre - October 19th, 1998
Chapter 4: Pink Aeris: Light Side of the Meteor - October 19th, 1998
Chapter 5: Erased From Existence - November 22nd, 1998
Chapter 6: Not on Cloud Nine - February 12th, 1999

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