The Freezer

The Freezer is the place to find features, columns, editorials, and any other cool thing I decide to come up with. I was originally going to call it Editorials, but some of the things I have in mind wouldn't qualify as editorials. Then I figured I'd call it Features, but that didn't seem like it would encompass editorials all that well. While I was discussing this with Krazy Sam (who, incidentally, was the first person to be featured here,) she jokingly said I should call it The Freezer because everyone knows that the cool stuff (like popsicles and Klondike bars) is kept in the freezer.

So, here you have it. If you'd like to voice your opinion on something regarding RPGs or fanfiction (you can write about something else if you already have a feature posted and you ask me for permission,) write up a column or editorial and send it to Proper grammar and spelling are a must.

Past Freezer Articles

Recent Features/Columns
On Fanfiction by GrandLordMagus - February 27th, 2003

Why Ramza's Power is Limited by Tavis King - August 29th, 2002

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