This is stuff that has no point here anymore, since I stopped updating it long ago, but I'm keeping it up just for the heck of it.

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Icy Brian's RPG Club- Now defunct
IcyBrian's RPG Fanfic Club- Also defunct

Fanfic Poll Results- Here are the results from the old fanfic poll; figured it was time to get rid of it seeing as I hadn't updated it in about a year.
Past Poll Results- Results of the small polls that I took on the main page (quizlets and such.)
RPG Poll Results- The results from the RPG Poll that I was taking from mid-late 1998.

Bravenet Guestbook- The Bravenet guestbook has to be reset periodically, so here's the first 2000 messages.
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The Old Guestbook- Before some technical difficulties knocked it offline.
Video Game Quotes- Cool quotes from assorted video games.