This page is just for links to sites that belong to friends of mine and/or sites that I really like. If you'd like your link on the site, I've just set up a directory where you can post your link. It's located at

Friends' Pages
CuteLucca's CT Doujinshi & Fanart
Fantasy Finale
Jerm's Page of Fanfics
Middletails' Site
Order of the Black Wind
Sam's Art
Slightly Schizophrenic

Choice Links
All Things Philosophical on BtVS
Butch Walker Street Team
Marvie World
Penny Arcade
RPG World
The Gargoyles Fan Website

Misc. RPG Sites
Manda's Crazy Planet
Meriko's RPG Inspired Page
Order of the Black Wind
OverClocked ReMix
The Gemini Angel RPG Fan Art Corner
Zenosaga: The 'Ethos' Headquarters

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Banners by Snow Incarnate

Banners by Middletails

Banners by CuteLucca

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