#icybrian on Esper.net is the place to go to chat with fellow RPG fans, fanfic authors, and regulars on the site. The chat room is open 24/7, and you'll usually be able to find someone in the room. However, #icybrian really comes alive late at night, usually between the hours of 8pm-4am EST. The meetings are in room #icybrian on Espernet (chocobo.esper.net, merkavia.esper.net, cosmos.esper.net, adastra.esper.net, or excalibur.esper.net).

The address to download mIRC is http://www.mirc.co.uk/get.html. After you've installed it, here's how you get to the meetings (you can use another IRC program if you prefer):
1. Connect to the internet as usual and open mIRC.
2. Once it's open, you just fill in the information it asks you to (real name, e-mail address, the nick you will be using, and an alternate nick in case the first one is already in use). Then either select Espernet from the main menu or, if it isn't listed, click Add and type Espernet as Description and weyr.esper.net for IRC Server (or use one of the other Espernet servers listed above.) Click on "Connect To IRC Server".
3. A bunch of commands will start appearing in the status window. Just wait them out until the last line in the status window says "End of the /MOTD command." (if you are on a nick registered by someone else, it will say so after that command.)
4. A window with the name "mIRC Channels Folder" should pop up (if it doesn't, click the fourth button from the left). There will be a space that says 'Enter Name Of Channel To Join'. Type #icybrian in that blank (you may want to add it to the list) and click "Join". Voila, you're in!

Here are a couple of little extra things for the IRC channel. There's not much now, but eventually I'll update them with quite a bit of stuff.

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