Ah yes, the wonderful topics in #IcyBrian, where anything can and will be taken out of context. If you get offended easily, don't read any further. I've only put a few in here so far, but you can expect more eventually.

*** IcyBrian changes topic to '<Black> I think I swalled about a gallon of Martin's spunk | <Nightsong> A gallon? You could save some. Good god. | <Nightsong> You've probably got cum poisoning. | <Human> Wowo. If I could cum a gallon... | <Nightsong> So that's why you didn't have sex with the stripper, Icy. Afraid for her safety?'

*** IcyBrian changes topic to '<Night> I'm coming, Human. | <Asyria> It'd be like a dream come true for you guys. | <Human> Yes it was. | <Night> Most weekends I outlast Jerm. | <Merc[AS]> And it's just getting bigger because I'm too lazy to stop it | <Human> It's goign to hurt... | <Human> My legs are already crying in pain, despot!'

*** Jerm changes topic to '<Human[geekery]> TWIST MY KNOB BABY | <Ghost_Man> I AM | <Human[geekery]> Use me, baby. | <Ghost_Man> oh so you are crazy | <Human[geekery]> I KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING | <ZealPropht> Fucking | <Human[geekery]> You don't respect me'

*** KrazySam changes topic to '<DK> I don't know, ever since all this time in the cat, I just can't help but take stuff out of contact.'

*** Topic is '<Cadet_McNally> FOR SHIT'S SAKE, I AM HAPPILY HOMOSEXUAL | <Cadet_McNally> It's a recent development.'

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