Neyon Karowitz

Real Name: If I told you I'd have to shoot you. See, I'm already prepared!
Age: 18, give or take a few months
Location: Tempe, Arizona

My name's Neyon Karowitz. (No, that's not my real name, you dolt. What parent in their right mind would give their kid a name like Neyon? Well, I could probably think of a few.... but let's not get into that.) I discovered RPGs when I was about fourteen; the first ones I played were "Chrono Trigger" and "Super Mario RPG". It was not until a few years later I actually played the more popular RPGs, such as the Final Fantasies, as well as RPGs not made by Square Soft. My current favorites are the newly-released "Golden Sun" duo, CT still (a true classic), Final Fantasy 6, and (as my "self portrait" will tell you) "XenoGears". I believe that the most important thing for a game's success is actually a three-way balance - an intriguing story, entertaining gameplay, and a good sense of humor here and there. I hope to bring that same triangle into my fanfics and, hence, into this website.

Favorite Quote (at least for now): "Learn from those who have gone before; teach those who come after. The Romans did not create a prosperous Empire and come to be feared by having meetings and doing paperwork; they did this by killing all who opposed them!"

Chrono Trigger / Final Fantasy VI Fanfiction
Shades of Gray

Chapter 1: The Relics - August 18th, 2003
Chapter 2: The Meeting - October 22nd, 2003

Crossover Fanfics