Froborr d'Wiggy

Froborr d'Wiggy is the 43,228-year-old ruler of Calithuria, an artificial universe. In this world, he operates under the guise of Jed Blue, a 20-year-old college student at George Mason University. At Mason, Jed works as Copy Chief of the school newspaper. Jed is also webmaster and coauthor of the webcomic Lost in Translation, recently begun on Keenspace.

Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
The Children Of Zeal
- The gurus have disappeared. Evil is spreading in every time period. A mysterious multi-million-year-long project called the Good Omen, begun by the last Reptites in 65 million BC and finished by a band of robots in 2300 AD is turning up all across time. A plague is wiping out the inhabitants of Guardia in 1000 AD. Robo and Frog lead the Knights of the Square Table into the same battle, 1700 years apart. And someone called Janala is busy kidnapping the descendents of Zeal. Somehow, these events are connected, but only two people know the answers: the Children of Zeal.
Character List - April 4th, 1998
Prologue - April 4th, 1998
Chapter 1: The Plague - April 4th, 1998
Chapter 2: Good Omens - April 21st, 1998
Chapter 3: Neutralization - June 25th, 1998
Chapter 4: The Kingdom of Zahl - December 1st, 1998
Chapter 5: Magus' Lair - December 1st, 1998
Chapter 6: Conversations and Interludes - July 15th, 1999
Chapter 7: Beautiful Dreamer - September 14th, 1999

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Fanfiction
Final Fantasy: The Darkness Within
- It is many years after the events of The Spirits Within. Civilization has been rebuilt, and Earth's ecosphere has returned to stability. A new project, the Bifrost project, proposes to focus and transmit some of Gaia's excess energy to other worlds, in order to accelerate the process of colonizing them. But all is not well, as Midori Cid, daughter of Aki Ross and adopted granddaughter of Dr. Cid, is about to learn...
Prologue - September 9th, 2001
Chapter 1: Selene - September 9th, 2001

Chrono Trigger / FFTactics Fanfiction
ReviewableThe MSTing of an Ending
The MSTing of an Ending - August 28th, 1998

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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Fanfic