A writer since elementary school, Black published his first fanfic, A Forgotten Enemy, in 1999. It became the first work of fanfiction to ever appear on the New York Times Bestseller List, where it remained for more than five months. He has since published half a dozen consecutive bestselling fanfics.

He lives with his family in Georgia.

Suikoden Fanfiction
ReviewableAnd She Said She Loved Me...
- This is a love story, but give it a chance, eh? There's still plenty of gore to keep you entertained, but it mainly revolves around the love between the Hero (which I named Jan, by the way. Don't ask me why i chose the name) and Kasumi. See it turns out there's a new country called "Mooranjra" inhabited by tribal-like people and they start war with the new Toran Republic.
Prologue - March 10th, 1999
Chapter 1 - April 30th, 1999
Chapter 2 - April 30th, 1999
Chapter 3 - April 30th, 1999
Chapter 4 - June 1st, 1999
Chapter 5 - June 1st, 1999
Chapter 6 - June 30th, 1999
Chapter 7 - July 15th, 1999

ReviewableA Forgotten Enemy- It is 1 year after the war. Signs of survivors from the Empirial Army are about. Also, signs of survivors from the Liberation Army also about... A forgotten enemy returns to throw down the Liberation Army... yet a forgotten friend also returns...
Prologue - September 24th, 1998
Chapter 1 - September 24th, 1998
Chapter 2 - September 24th, 1998
Chapter 3 - September 24th, 1998
Chapter 4 - September 24th, 1998
Chapter 5 - September 24th, 1998
Chapter 6 - September 24th, 1998
Chapter 7 - October 5th, 1998
Chapter 8 - October 5th, 1998
Chapter 9 - October 5th, 1998
Chapter 10 - November 18th, 1998
Chapter 11 - May 22nd, 1999

Vanguard Bandits Fanfiction
Honey and Vinegar
- Cecilia has grown up hating the world and bottling up her emotions. Andrew has spent his life living behind a mask of narcisism to keep others from getting too close. Both have been trained in the lonely ways of the ninja. And neither have a clue what love is. When they discover it in each other, how would either know to deal with it?
Chapter 1 - August 24th, 2001
Chapter 2 - October 13th, 2001

Chrono Trigger / Final Fantasy 7 Fanfiction
ReviewedEvery Single RPG and RPG Crossover in Existence
- This is a one part short story I wrote when I was bored one day. This is a humor/parody fanfic and is not meant to be taken seriously. There's an evil empire bent on world domination and the revival of Lavos, and only a small resistance group can stop them. The group calls for help from characters in Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII by summong them through a portal!! (There's a shocker!) Anyway, enjoy...
Every Single RPG and RPG Crossover in Existence - June 30th, 1999

Crossover Fanfics
Suikoden Fanfic
Vanguard Bandits Fanfic