A Forgotten Enemy Chapter 9

By Black

"I don't know where Viktor is," Flik started "last time I saw him, he said he had to go...because....he had a son to take care of...."

"Viktor...is a father!?" Jan asked.

"Yes. So I'm guessing that's why he has not returned here."

"And you have been presumed dead for a full year... why do u just now return to us?"

"Because, I...didn't know how. I rented a boat and came here the other night...i just sat on the docks watching the castle....but then I left...and I dropped my beloved sword in the lake..."

"Eiki found this yesterday." Jan said as he handed Flik his sword.

"Odessa!" Flik smiled. "Thank you, Jan."

"It's nothing. Well we better get some rest. We have a big battle ahead of us tomorrow."


Jan and Flik arrived at the docks in their war gear. The rest of the army mumbled and questioned the presence of Flik.

"My people!" Jan shouted. "Flik and Viktor live!" Jan proceeded to tell the story Flik had told him. The croud still had many questions.

"Nay! There will be time for questions later. But first, the Emperials must be desposed of!"

The croud gave a spirited shout of pre-victory.

"I must see my captains." Jan said, and Humphrey, Lepant, Flik, Pahn, and Sanchez came forth.

"Well, looks like we have a new member of the Royal Council." said Jan, and everyone took turns expressing their joy in a big hug with Flik.

"Now, the time for joy is over, as we prepare to march. Sanchez, I understand you stayed up late preparing a strategy."

"Yes. If we take the trails, we are most likely going to be ambushed from above and beside. That is why I suggest we split into teams. Our main force will take the most direct and obvious paths. Then, some archers will march up high into the mountain and make their way above the battle scene, and come down from above, having a strategic advantage for sniping. Another team of footmen will come in from the side of the mountain, attacking the enemy from the side as the main force is attacking. And our mages will then come in once the battle is underway and lend a helping hand." Sanchez was a brilliant strategist, but he was not as nearly as talented as Mathiu.

"Good, Sanchez. Okay, Pahn, you and I will lead the main force. Lepant and Humphrey will lead the team coming in from the side. Kirkis will lead the archer team. Luc will bring in our magicians."

"Where does that leave me?" asked Flik.

"You will be side by side with me. Just like the old days."

They smiled and got into the boats. It was nearly 5 hours when they could see Mt. Tigerwolf. Mace and the other blackmiths set up a small camp half a mile from the mountain. The teams were in position. Jan waited untill he saw the smoke from atop the mountain before leading in his force. The smoke was a signal from Kirkis that they were in position.


"Sir! The Liberation Army is here!"

"Hahaha! I knew they would come! Are our men in position."

"Yes, General Kanaan. But, their force is over three times the size of ours!"

"I know that! I have a little surprise for them, though."


"No signs, yet?" asked Pahn.

"No, Kage and Kasumi should be back soon with updates."

Kage and Kasumi came running back, wounded. Kage had an arrow in his arm, and Kasumi had one in her thigh.

"They're hidden....they fired at us....down the path a ways..."

"You're injured! Get them to Lukien!"

A few soldiers helped them down teh path and proceeded to the camp.

"Okay, forward!" Jan ordered. "But be alert!"

They proceeded forth. It wasn't long before they heard the war shouts. The enemy came running at them from both sides.

"Now!" Jan ordered and Flik fired a burning arrow into the sky. This was to signal Kirkis and Humphrey.

"Ready Stallion, Ruby?"

"Let's go!"

The archers ran down the path, arrows in bow.

Humphrey and Lepant lead their men up the path.

Soon the mages were in place. It was't long before the Empire had only a thousand men left.

"Stop the fighting! Or this man dies!"

Kanaan came forth from his troops, holding a knife to Viktor's throat.

"Viktor!" Jan shouted.

"Hahaha! Now, order your men to put down their weapons, or he dies!"

"Lay down your weapons!" Jan ordered.

One of Jan's soldiers stepped forth.

"You'll never get away with this you slimy pig!" he yelled.

Kanaan lifted his free arm and an archer shot the man square in the forhead.

"That's just a warning that I care nothing for human life!"

Jan and his men all put their swords and bows and axes down.

"Hahaha! Jan, bow to me and tell me you are not worthy to rule as a king. Tell me that the Empire controlls it all! Tell me who shall rule this world, and who holds the power! Tell me that! Kneel!"

Cleo, who was with the archers, took out her Air Moon Blade, and aimed it carefully at Kanaan as he was rambling. She threw it and prayed that it fly true. It slashed Kanaan across the eyes, and he dropped his knife and held his hands over his bleeding eyes. Viktor elbowed him in the gut, and pushed him off the mountain. Kanaan grabbed Viktor's belt, pulling him down with him. Both landed in the same lake. They saw Eiki's burn and eaten corpse floating in the water. Both men swam to shore, unharmed by the alligators.

"My eyes! I can't see!" shouted Kanaan.

Viktor picked up his sword.

"Alright, come with me. You'll get fixed up at camp."

"It seems i have no choice..." said Kanaan, "very well, hold my arm and lead the way."

It was about an hour before they reached camp. Viktor explained the situation to Lukien. He laid Kanaan down on a bed and began the healing. Viktor exited the tent and waited. In about another hour, Jan returned victorious, with no heavy losses suffered. He had a few prisoners. Viktor told him that Kanaan was being healed by Lukien, and that he could be thrown in the prison.

"Very well. But, Kanaan is the last thing on my mind. I'm glad your alive!" and they both hugged again.

"So Viktor," Flik began "tell us..about your son."

"Well, he's safe in our hut. It's built in some hidden woods towards the east. He is nearly 10 years old. You see, i was eating lunch one day while Flik was off hunting I think, and he approached me, and asked me if I was Viktor. He explained to me that he was my son, and he had been looking for me for 2 years. Since his mother was dead, I had to help him. That is why I left. I wasn't surprised when i found who the mother was, but I just never knew he existed. According to what he knows, when he was born, it was 9 months after i made love with his mother. So it all makes since. His name is Titus. He is the beginning of a fine, young warrior, just like his old man."

"Sounds like a fine young lad," Flik said, "who is his mother?"

"Flik...." Viktor said with a pained look in his face.

"It's just a simple question." Flik said.

Viktor shed a few tears, but whiped them off, though the pain in his face was still there. "His mother is Odessa."


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