A Forgotten Enemy Chapter 10

By Black

"W, What!!"

"Flik, please! It was before the two of you even met!"

"Then why did you hide it from me!?"

"Flik, I..."

Soon everything was blank for Flik, and he heard the same voice he heard in Gregminster palace.

"He is not the enemy. Do not be angry."

Flik tried to speak but he couldn't force the words to come out.

"Odessa loves you, and don't you forget it."

Soon the world returned clear with shouts and screams.

"We're being attacked!"

"Kakeron has come for me!" Kanaan yelled running from his Liukan's tent.

Sure enough, the tall, black armored knight, came rushing into the camp with a batallion of over 100,000 men!!

He was shooting out ghastly images of dragons from his sword, killing unsuspecting men.

"That sword! That's the Draconis Sword! It holds the power of the ancient breed of Tiamat Dragons!" Liukan said as he came out of his tent following Kanaan.

"How do we stop him!?" Viktor yelled.

"By canceling his power." They heard a shout from above. It was Joshua and the Dragon Knights. "Oh Dragon Rune! Take back the power that was unjustly given to him!" A green light emitted from Joshua and struck down Kakeron. His sword and armor instantly vanished, reaveling none other than Yuber!

"Yuber!" Pasmerga shouted through the undying cries of battle. "I've been searching for you for many years! Now we finish it!"

"Blast! Its that infernal knight! I still have power yet!" Yuber drew out his sword and engaged Pasmerga.

The Liberation army was greatly out numbered. They had just about 10,000 men for their attack on Mt. Tigerwolf.

"Fall back to gregminster!" Jan shouted above the battle. Though Gregminster was not even halfway completed, it was still their best defensible position. They arrived at Gregminster with only 5,000 of their troops.

"Cleo, Kirkis, Stallion, Rubi, Clive! Get the archers on high ground and take fire IMMEDIATLY!" The five archers caught a breat, and regrouped their team.

"Luc! Crowley! Hellion! Work your magic!"

The mages and archers were holding off the enemy at first, but soon melee combat would be in order. Jan desperatly gathered Pahn, Flik, Viktor, Humphrey and Lepant. Excluding the archers and mages, there were only about 3,000 melee soldiers.

"Fight! Show this threat your love for your king! Fight for all your worth! Remember, you have families at home, so don't die!" Jan yelled followed by a harmonious war cry from his men. With a renewed vigor, they charged forth to their deaths. The archers laid down their bows infear of hitting their own men, so they drew their knives and daggars and joined the onslaught. The mages ran forth and fought with their sticks and staves. Things were looking pretty hopless, but lo! Joshua's dragon knights had regrouped and swooped down to aid the liberation army. The dragons slashed vicously with their talons, picking up Imperials and dropping them from great heights. But soon, since Yuber or Pasmerga were no where to be found, Kanaan had his archers in position and took fire on the dragons. The archers armed their bows again, and fired a second time.

"Milia!" Joshua shouted. "Get attack the archers from behind!"

"You got it!" The archers hardly had time for a third shot, before angry dragons flew into their back avenging their fallen friends. Kanaan turned and ran, he kept running untill he ran right into Joshua's dragon who had swooped down after Kanaan. Kanaan had a horrible and bloody death.


Author's Notes: First, though my Gremio DID get ressurected (my second time through the game), it wasnt really a major part of the game. Cleo and Pahn (or was it Viktor?) both say "Gremio!" and the subject is never brought up again. Not even the hero or Camile seem to care. But when he dies, it is a Major event of the game, with lots of mourning and even you, the gamer, may even cry sometimes. I kept Pahn alive because when he dies no one cares and they never speak of him again. They never even bring up the issue that he died. But if you keep him alive he DOES talk every now and then. Another thing, i didnt factor in the ending when it says where all the 108 Stars of Destiny go. I pretty much kept all of them at Toran Castle. And please ignore my spelling. The names in this game are some of the hardest names in the world to spell! Hehehe well i hope you are enjoying the story so far and please email me with questions or comments.


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