A Forgotten Enemy Prologue

By Black

"We gotta get outta here! This place is gonna collapse!" Flik, Viktor, and Jan (that was my hero's name) all ran from the palace in a hurry. But they hadn't gone very far when they were stopped by guards.

"Flik, get Jan outta here! I'll hold them off!"



"Right. Let's go Jan!"

"Alright, who's first?" Viktor challenged as Flik and Jan hurried down the stairs.


After a little more running, Jan saw an arrow come whizzing at him, and just as it was about to hit him, Flik caught it. "Jan go! I'll take care of them!"

After Jan was safely out the door Flik saw Viktor approaching.

"Where's Jan?"

"He's gone ahead."

"Good, now we can fight to our heart's content."

"Yeah, too bad I have to fight with you."

They stood ready awaiting the onslaught of guards.


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