A Forgotten Enemy Chapter 1

By Black

1 year later...

Jan was alone in his room, sitting on his bed, thinking of Gremio. For a split second he considered having Milich Openheimer executed. But it wasn't his fault, it was Windy's. She was also at fault for the death of Ted. He was glad she had fallen to her death at Gregminster. But even more, he mourned over Flik and Viktor. He should've stayed with them, fought with them...died with them. He had some soldiers dig through the rubbel at Gregminster Palace, and he did not find their bodies. Only bodies of dead Emperial soldiers with stab wounds. Maybe if he had looked longer he could've found Flik's or Viktor's body and given them a decent burial, but their bodies have probally long since rotted and he wouldnt be able to find them now. Still, he had held a memorial service in their honor, and a seperate one for Gremio. He got out the hatchet that Viktor had retrieved for him, and studied it for a moment, and placed it back in the box which also had Gremio's cape and boots. There was a rasp at the door.

"Come in." It was Sanchez.

"Hello, Master Jan. We found them."

"Found who?"

"The survivors of the Emperial Army. Kasumi and her scouts report that they are stationed in Mt. Tigerwolf. Kasumi reports as if they're preparing for battle."

After their victory against the Empire, the Liberation Army would find signs of survivors near Gregminster. Soldiers were deployed to search the area but found nothing. They had searched Mt. Tigerwolf many times over but found nothing. After about 6 months they decided to give up. After all, they posed no real threat for the Liberation Army. But about 5 months later, Kasumi reopened the searches due to a challenge from Fuma. She first went to Mt. Tigerwolf once again and picked up on some footprints and odors of men. One day she came across a hollow in the mountain and learned it was a secret entrance of some sort. After another week she found more secret entrances and the remaining Emperials.

"Do they want war?"

"We don't know, that's why i came here. I propose sending Humphrey and a small batallion to talk with their leader. We could stop the war from happening again, or possibly even form an alliance."

"Okay, they can leave tomorow. Send 50 of our best warriors, and tell Humphrey to avoid bloodshed."

"Yes sir. Thank you."


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