A Forgotten Enemy Chapter 2

By Black

Eikei sat alone on the docks of Toran Castle. The war was over, everything was too peaceful for him. He didn't like war, but he couldn't prove his strength. He was very proud to be a strong, brave warrior. After time he had asked Jan to hold a tournament for one on one fighting. Jan agreed, seeing this as an oppurtunity of motivation for his warriors to train harder. Many of the 108 stars of destiny participated in this event. Eikei, FuSuLu, Lepant, Fuma, Kwanda, and many more. Eikei made it through lots of warriors including Kwanda and Fuma to advance to the final round.

The crowd cheered as FuSuLu and Eikei faced off. FuSuLu charged Eikei, but Eikei leaped up and landed behind FuSuLu. He delivered a series of punches to FuSuLu's back. FuSuLu shrugged the pain off and did a spinning kick to Eikei's jaw. As Eikei was falling, FuSuLu grabbed him by the head, and delivered a crushing blow to the face. Eikei fell to his knee's, but he would't be beaten so easily. He grabbed FuSuLu's ankles and pulled them from underneath him. He then followed up with a punch to the gut. He picked up FuSuLu and held him high above his head. He walked to the edge of the platform and just as he was about to throw him over giving him victory, FuSuLu grabbed Eikei's arm and pulled it down thus allowing him to fall. He quickly sprang to his feet and kicked Eikei in the back of his head sending him over the edge to the ground. FuSuLu had won a great victory, and was very proud, but Eikei felt shame and returned to Toran Castle.

After time he began to forget about that day, but for some reason that event was brought up again in his head. He sat staring at the water, accepting his place as second best. He began to get up and prepare for dinner, but a glimmer of light in the water caught his eye. It was too far out to reach, so he jumped in the water and waded to the spot where he saw the glimmer. He recognized the object immediatly. He picked it up and waded back to shore. He ran to the elevator and took it to the third floor. He got off and passed Sanchez as he ran to Jan's room. Sanchez stopped him.

"Eikei, have you heard the reports from Kasumi?"

"Yes sir. About the remaining Emperials."

"Precisely. Jan and I have reached a decision to send Humphrey and a small batallion to talk to their leader. We will need our best warriors to accompany Humphrey if they are to attack us. I ask that you be part of this batallion."

Eikei hadn't tested his strength since the tournament. Perhaps this would be a good oppurtunity. "I'll do it." he said with confidence.

"Good." Sanchez smiled. "Be prepared to leave after breakfast. You will meet Humphrey at the docks at that time. Good luck."

Sanchez was on his way back to his quarters and paid no heed to the object in Eikei's hand. Eikei continued his path to Jan's room and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Jan bidded.

Eikei opened the door. "My liege," he said and placed the object in front of Jan. "do you know what this is?"

Jan studied the object for a moment and then looked up, "Yes," he said "this was Flik's sword, Odessa."


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