A Forgotten Enemy Chapter 5

By Black

"Kanaan!" Humphrey shouted in disgust.

"Hahaha! You stupid idiots. You never did bother giving any interest as to what happened to me. Now what business do you have here?"

"Well, we have known survivors were here, and we came to offer a peace treaty."

"Hahaha! Guards kill them all! But protect me at all costs! I'm too important to die!"

At the shout of his command nearly 1,000 men came running at the the small army from all directions.

"Hahaha! You should've never left the Empire, Humphrey. I don't take to kindly to traitors!" with that Kanaan stepped back in his passageway and the door closed.

"You sniveling coward!" Humphrey shouted. His front line men were already dropping like flies.

FuSuLu withdrew his 2 axes and jumped high into the air slashing at enemies as he came down. In the fighting Eikei got seperated from Humphrey and FuSuLu. He was close to the edge of a dropoff. He spotted three guards holding their swords and shields charging at him. Eikei dropped his weapon and charged forward and jumped at the 3 men knocking himself and the 3 men off the mountain. All four of them landed in a small lake. Eikei swam to the surface of the water and quickly made his way to shore. He collapsed on shore and noticed the 3 men being eaten by alligators before he fell asleep.

Humphrey and FuSuLu stood back to back defending against ruthless attackers. About 15 of their men remained fighting valiantly. Soon it was only the the two of them left. The Emperials circled arround them.

"Well FuSuLu, it was a pleasure fighting with you."

"The pleasure was mine. How many of them do you think we could kill before we die?"

"I'd say around-" Humphrey was caught off in mid-sentance as he heard a thundering voice from above.

"Phoenix Flame!!!" shouted the voice. FuSuLu and Humphrey noticed all the men surrounding them burning to a crisp. After a minute they were the only 2 left standing. They looked up and saw a figure coming down the mountain path.

When the figure got close enough, Humphrey nearly collapsed. Two surprises in one day was too much for him. He was staring at his long time friend, Flik.


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