A Forgotten Enemy Chapter 6

By Black


"Hey guys."

"I..we...thought you were dead!"

"Hahaha! You've known me longer than that, Humphrey!"

"So, what happened, in Gregminster..?"

"Perhaps we should find a place to sit down, its quite a long and detailed story."

Flik, Humphrey, and FuSuLu made the boat. Flik had refused to tell them what happened. He wanted Jan to hear his story also. They found their boat.


During Flik's trip back to Toran Castle, Jan was alone, in his room. He was holding Odessa, Flik's sword. The past night he had a nightmare, that Flik and Viktor came back from the dead, and blamed Jan for their deaths. They were angry because he left them to die like a coward. He couldn't live like this. He put the point of the sword an inch from his heart, and made ready to end his life, when the door busted open. He turned around and saw Flik standing there. At first he thought it was another dream, that Flik would be angry at him. But that thought went away when he saw the warmth in Flik's eyes and his broad smile.


"Yes Jan. It's me."

They ebraced each other. Humphrey walked into the room and saw a tear in Jan's eye. The ebrace ended.

"How...?" was the first question Jan asked.

"Hahaha! Humphrey asked that question all through the journey here. It was funny seeing Humphrey talk, and me be silent."

The group had a hearty laugh at this.

"I've changed alot since you....died." Humphrey responded.

"Well I guess i better explain. Let's sit down."

They all had a seat and Flik began his story.


"Where's Jan?" Viktor shouted as he came running down the stairs.

"He's gone ahead."

"Good. Now we can fight to our heart's content."

"Yeah. Too bad i have to fight alongside you!"

Swords drawn, they awaited the onslaught. They hacked violently, but thought out each move before acting. Their swordsmanship was unbelievable! They killed guards left and right, masacring them, and yet dodged each incoming attack and sidestepped every charge. But they couldn't hold out forever. They were surrouned and stones were falling from the ceiling above. They were done for. But then they heard a voice saying "It is not yet time for our reunion." and a rune inscribed itself on Flik's hand. With no control over himself, Flik began emmiting an eerie glow, and soon found himself shooting a bright, white light at Viktor. Viktor then began giving off the same radiant glow. The guards were blinded, and soon the whole ceiling fell in. Viktor and Flik were devoured by the falling rains of stone. But oddly they were not hurt. They looked at each other perplexed. Then the same voice was heard; "The power of the Phoenix Rune, one of the 27 true runes, has saved you. But for this one time only. You will use the runes power twice more before its power is taken away from you. You will not control this runes power, for no one one this earth is responsible enough to control the power of life and death, so I will control the power for you.''

"I have never heard the voice since, neither has Viktor. But I assume I used the power one of the times it spoke of."

And with that, Humphrey told the happenings of his men at Mt. Tigerwolf.

"Kanaan! That spineless credit taker!" Jan was furious. "We will attack him as soon as daylight hits! Humphrey, you and Lepant get the troops ready. I will come with you tomorow, but untill then I have many questions for Flik. Bring Flik and I some dinner and wine from Antonio."

Humphrey left the room. Several minutes later Antonio brought the meals and drinks.

"Thank you, Antonio."

Antonio looked astonished as he saw Flik. "S..sir Flik!!"

"Thank you Antonio. That'll be all. Flik will be explained at a later time. But we must be left alone to talk."

Antonio left the room and Jan asked the question that is on all of you reader's minds:

"What happened to Viktor?"


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