A Forgotten Enemy Chapter 7

By Black

Eiki woke up and noted the surroundings. He saw the bodies of the dead Emperials floating in the lake, some woods, and a cave. He had never seen this place before. He heard some voices and footsteps. He dived into some bushes and nestled down as far as he could go. The footsteps stopped two feet away from him.

"Well would ya look at that, eaten by alligators, its a damn shame!"

"Yeah, how the hell did that happen?"

"Damn Liberation Army! They got a thing coming for them!"

"I'm gonna cut off McDohl's head and hang it on my wall!"

Both men thought this was funny and began to humor themselves more by talking about what they would do to him. Eiki wasn't laughing. He jumped out of the bushes and grabbed both of their skulls and bashed them together. Both of their skulls were crushed and blood poured down their faces. He then threw them into the water and let the gators do the rest. He couldn't hang around here long. More Emperials were bound to come. But he didn't know where to go. He was lost. He heard another voice.

"Hey you! You'll pay for that!"

He looked up and saw about ten soldiers, weapons drawn heading straight towards him. He began to draw his weapon, but remembered he had dropped it in the battle. He lifted a relatively small tree out of the ground, and heaved it at them. All of the men toppled on top of each other.

"Intuder!" one of the men cried.

Out of the cave ran more than thirty soldiers. Fifteen more came from the trees. He picked up one of the fallen soldier's swords. Some of the men who fell were getting up. He was surrounded by Emperials.

"Well, Eiki, its about 50 or so, its no big deal. We can take 'em!"

He turned to his side and saw Viktor standing.


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