And She Said She Loved Me... Prologue

By Black

Kasumi lay in her bed, wide, awake, late at night in the hidden village of Rokkaku. All she could think of was Jan McDohl, former commander of the Liberation forces, now President of Toran Republic. He dressed in green and red and had jet, black hair partially concealed in a green bandana. He had a long, black staff, which he carried with him, always. At the young age of seventeen, he was only a year older than Kasumi.

Kasumi slowly drifted to sleep and soon found herself embraced in a long, luscious, meaningful kiss with Jan. She sprang up suddenly a few moments later with sweaty palms and rapid heart beat. She was a proud ninja of Rokakku, she shouldn't have these strong emotions. But she was having them anyway. Did Jan share these emotions?

As if being called by unspoken words, Kasumi hopped out of bed and quickly dressed. She had to get to Kaku and take a boat to Toran Castle, Jan's current place of residence until Gregminster was habitable once more.

She stealthily passed Fuma, sparring with himself and quickly dashed out the hideout. Within three hours, she was in Kaku.


Jan sat atop Toran Castle, gazing at the pearl streaks of moonlight glinting off the unmoving waters of Lake Toran. Kasumi approached and sat next to him, sharing the beautiful scene of a midnight sky and a full moon. Stars slowly began to appear, as if to intentionally enhance the mood for lust and passion.

A million different thoughts juggernauted through Jan's mind as Kasumi, without speaking a word, leaned over and landed a soft, firm kiss, which he graciously returned. Heat raced through both of their bodies as they sat, bathed in the moonlight, expressing their emotions towards each other yet not a single word was spoken.

Jan's eyes suddenly popped open, yet reflexively snapped shut again due to the sudden bright light of the moon filtering in through Jan's window. He slowly adjusted his eyesight and noted his surroundings. He was not on the roof of Toran Castle. He was not involved in a hungry kiss with the lady who had captured his heart and had yet to let it go.

His heart sank. It was a dream.

I am now the most powerful and important man in the country. Why is Kasumi the only thing I can seem to think about?

He quickly pushed this thought out of his head and, without self-control, advanced to the steps leading towards the rooftop. He sat down, his feet hanging over the edge of the roof. Though Kasumi would not be by his side tonight, it wouldn't stop him from waiting.


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