And She Said She Loved Me... Chapter 7

By Black

Kasumi sat in the dark corner of her cell sobbing quietly. What had just happened was the worst experience of her life. It was nothing like the time with Jan. The love wasn't there. The emotion wasn't there. It wasn't pleasure. It was pain. And what's worse, how could she ever look at Jan the same way again if she got rescued...and if he were alive? She wanted to die. She wanted to die now. All of a sudden the door swung open again. Expecting it to be the guard coming back for some more fun, she stood up and prepared to fight and get the hell out of there. She saw six men armed with spears guarding the entryway and Ronland.

"Hello, pretty." Ronland said and walked up to her. She felt a painin her heart. A sharp pain. She looked at the wicked smile on Ronland's face, then looked at the knife plunged deep into her heart. She sank to her knees, a look of shock on her face. This is what she wanted. To end her pain and misery. To put an end to the suffering. To stop thinking about being raped. But then she started thinking again. She would never see Jan. She would never see Fuma. She would never see home. The shock on her face was replaced with sorrow as Kasumi closed her eyes, never to open themagain.


"What the hell happened?" Jan said, looking at the headless body of Milich.

"I-I don't know." Cleo said.

After an hour, Milich was properly buried. A single rose was put onhis grave. Though no one would admit to themselves or each other, theywere secretly glad that Milich had died.

"What now?" Cleo asked.

"Our scouts have reported the capital just ahead. We should be ableto reach in a few hours march. I want their heads."

"Move out, troops!" Cleo yelled, and the army advanced.

Four hours later, they met an army nearly ten times their size.

"Why if it isn't my dear friend, Jan. Wait..Ryu wasn't it?"

"Where's Kasumi?" Jan asked in a surprisingly calm tone.

"If it'll end this silly war, have Kasumi back." Ronland said motioning to some guards. They walked to the front of the army and threw the lifelessbody of Kasumi in front of Jan. "Did it myself, you know."

Jan immediatly leapt forward, staff in hand. The unaware Ronland didn't have time to react before the butt of the staff entered into his left eyeand came out the back of his head. Ronland fell over dead.

"O-oh my God!" Braja said. The confused troops immediatly rushed Jan's army and slaughtered them. Not one member of Jan's army survived.

Within the next weeks, the seperate armies were killed one by one. Brorj found Rainer's camp near the boats and massacred them. Rainer was decapitated and his head put on the battle axe of Brorj. Mulch and Gragh combined their armies and amushed Sonya Shulen. Gwynn later met up with Kasim and Lepant and collected the scattered survivors of the Toran Army. They numbered less than a hundred men. The only boat the could find was a small row boat. Lepant and five other soldiers made their way to Toran and and sent boats back for the rest. However, when the boats got there Gwynn, Kasim, and everyone else was dead.


Author's Note: Okay, I rushed this last chapter. But like the otherfic, this one was also lame. But that's okay. I decided to use Suikoden to practice my fanfic writing. I'm going to try some Chrono Trigger work with a new method. Hopefully, it'll be a major improvement from my twoSuikoden stories.


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