A Forgotten Enemy Chapter 4

By Black

Eikei was the last to arrive at the docks. The troops and weapons were being loaded into the boats.

"There you are, Eikei." Humphrey said as he approached. "Are you prepared to leave?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. You will share a boat with FuSuLu and myself."

Eikei wouldn't let a silly little tournament keep him from teaming up with FuSuLu. He had lost fair and square and he shouldn't be jealous. And besides, that was several months ago. FuSuLu probally had forgotten about it, and even if he still remembered, he wasn't the type of person to rub it in or even bring it up for that matter. His thoughts were confirmed once he got in the boat with FuSuLu.

"Greetings. Do you have anything to eat, Sir Eikei?"

Eikei laughed. "You are not unlike Pahn. Yes, i brought some meat and vegetables in my bag. Feel free to help yourself." FuSuLu had emptied the contents of the bag before Humphrey got in the boat.

"Eikei, you missed the briefing. I will go over it with you on the way to shore. Cast your boats to off!" Humphrey shouted and 15 boats all casted off and headed inland. Humphrey briefed in Eikei as the boat made its way to shore. After about an hour they reached land. The troops got off their boats and stood gathered around Humphrey in a semi-circle.

"Alright, the walk to Mt. Tigerwolf is about two or three hours. I will try to make the meeting brief. We should arrive back at Toran Castle before dinner. Move out!"

After two hours march they arrived at the foot of Mt. Tigerwolf.

"So, how are we supposed to get through these passages of their's?" A soldier questioned.

"Kasumi has marked some of the hollows. We hope to not have to use physical force, so basically we will just knock and hope someone answers."

That was the closest to a joke that anyone had heard Humphrey say. They made their way through Mt. Tigerwolf and after a few minutes they reached a marking. Humphrey rapped on the X and soon a door size piece of rock began to rise. A soldier carrying a torch looked out the entrance and was a bit startled to see the Liberation Army.

"What is it?" he sneered.

"We have come to speak to your leader. We see no reason for bloodshed if you would cooperate with us."

"I'll be right back." the man said unkindly.

After a minute Humphrey saw a figure immerge from the path. His jaw dropped.

"Hello, Humphrey." The man said with a laugh. "Surprised to see me?"

Humphrey was staring face to face with Kanaan.


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