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July 20th, 2022
As you may have noticed, the "new and improved" fanfic library died many, many years ago. Unfortunately, I don't have the know-how or free time to fix it, so I've switched the main fanfic link back to this one. The downside is that all of the fanfiction that was added after switching to the new library in 2006 is (currently) lost. But the site's in archive mode now, so at least most everything posted from 1997-2006 should still be up here.

February 19th, 2006 - It's Time For A Change!
The new fanfic library is now up and running and ready for use! I'm going to leave this one up as an archive, though, so it'll still be around. If you've got stories posted on the site, I've already got an account set up for you; contact me at fanfic(at)icybrian(dot)com and I'll send you your password. If not, feel free to head on over and start one up. The Committee's all set up over there now, so you can go ahead and start submitting stories to the new site (and the insanely long waits will now be a thing of the past.)

I've got all the stories in the library transferred over there, and I'm now working on the Committee box backlog. If you've submitted a story to the Committee but haven't heard back on it yet, go ahead and submit it at the new site and I'll push it to the top of the priority list and respond ASAP.

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"A Forgotten Enemy" - Prologue and Eleven Chapters (Finished).
"And She Said She Loved Me..." - Prologue and Seven Chapters (Finished).

Blue Lightning Flik
"Ready for the Diary" - One Part (Finished).
"The Lost Sword" - One Part (Finished).
"Happy Valentine" - One Part (Finished).

"Letters From Lorimar" - One Part (Finished).

"Judgment" - One Part (Finished).

"The Aftermath" - Prologue and Five Chapters.

Catherine Rain
"Doves Don't Cry" - One Part (Finished).

Chris Homer
"The Choice" - Thirty Chapters (Finished).

Crystal Zeal
"'I Forgive You...'" - One Part (Finished).
"Please, Tell Me the Answer: Is Fate Unchangable?" - One Part (Finished).

DA Guerier
"The Calm After the Storm" - One Part (Finished).

Deona Lindholm
"All the Time in the World" - One Part (Finished).
"One Little Accident..." - One Part (Finished).

"Sonya's Story" - One Part (Finished).

"In All My Travels and All My Years..." - Prologue and Four Chapters.
"False Bravado" - One Part (Finished).

"A Little Spice" - Three Chapters.

"The Bastard Son" - Prologue And Seven Chapters.

"Pesmerga: Vendetta" - Prologue.

"Resurrection" - Prologue and Three Chapters (Finished).
"Letting the Rain Fall" - One Part (Finished).

In Fine
"Love is a Joke" - One Part (Finished).
"Love is a Joke 2" - One Part (Finished).

"Him and Not Me" - One Part (Finished).

John Boske
"Crucial Round" - Prologue, Two Chapters, and Epilogue (Finished).

Jonatan L
"A Night in Their Lives" - One Part (Finished).
"Friendship" - One Part (Finished).
"Winter Pathways" - One Part (Finished).
"Farewell, but not Goodbye" - One Part (Finished).

Jonathan Priest
"Vendetta" - Six Chapters (Finished).

"Missing In Action" - Prologue and Nine Chapters.
"Harvest Days" - Prologue, Three Chapters, and Epilogue (Finished).
"Only A Night" - One Part (Finished).
"A Long Day" - One Part (Finished).
"Lady of the Lake or OMFG! THAYR2HOT!" - One Part (Finished).
"Thicker Than Water" - One Part (Finished).

"PO Box A.L.E.N." - One Part (Finished).

"Secret of the Tenei Star" - Thirteen Chapters and Characters Notes (Finished).
"Sleepless Night" - One Part (Finished).
"Trades" - Notes, Prologue, and Twelve Chapters.
"Dearest Yun" - One Part (Finished).
"Release" - One Part (Finished).

"Currents of the Heart" - Prologue And Two Chapters.

"Hawk and Fox" - Twenty-Five Chapters, Epilogue, and Author's Notes (Finished).

Tillman Oxendine
"In the Service of the Republic" - Prologue and Three Chapters.

White Crescent
"Twilight Meeting" - One Part (Finished).

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