Crystal Zeal

Chrono Cross Fanfiction
ReviewableThe Origin of a Trigger- My rendition of the events taking place between the end of CT and the beginning of CC. Many thanks go out to anyone who posted anything related to this on gamefaqs! The plot guides helped a lot in the forming of this fic.
The Origin of a Trigger - November 28th, 2002

Chrono Trigger Fanfiction
A.Z. - After Zeal- Has anyone ever wondered how the Mystics came to be? Where DID Schala go off to? What happened to the gang after they defeated Lavos? And hey, what ever happened to Dalton? A lost Princess of Zeal goes on an adventure to find the truth.
Prologue - March 9th, 2002
Chapter 1: An Easy Way Out - March 9th, 2002, revised February 10th, 2004
Chapter 2: The Future of the Present - March 9th, 2002
Chapter 3: The Encounter - March 9th, 2002
Chapter 4: Guardia - March 9th, 2002
Chapter 5: Attack! - March 9th, 2002
Chapter 6: Discoveries - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 7: Secrets Told - October 19th, 2002, revised February 25th, 2003

ReviewableThe Birth of the Sun Stone- Has anyone ever wondered where the sun stone came from? How was it formed? Why is it that the cave that holds it never disappears? This is a complete history of the stone that helped make Lucca's greatest weapon.
The Birth of the Sun Stone - May 20th, 2002

Final Fantasy IX Fanfiction
A Holy Knight's Tale- How did Beatrix loose an eye? How'd she become so strong? How could she loose to Steiner?! This brings light to some of the most significant points in Beatrix's history.
Chapter 1: Test of Skills - May 20th, 2002
Chapter 2: Life and Death - May 20th, 2002
Chapter 3: Escape - May 20th, 2002
Chapter 4: Kindness of Strangers - May 20th, 2002
Chapter 5: Wounded Soldier - May 20th, 2002
Chapter 6: Healing - August 13th, 2002

Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfiction
ReviewableReflections of the Zodiac Brave- Ramza thinks about his role in Final Fantasy Tactics, and how his life has changed since the beginning.
Reflections of the Zodiac Brave - October 19th, 2002

Suikoden Fanfiction
Reviewable"I Forgive You..."- Sonya overhears Tir talking to himself one night and reconsiders her hatred for him.
"I Forgive You..." - October 19th, 2002

ReviewablePlease, Tell Me the Answer: Is Fate Unchangable?- A short look on the thoughts of Tir at the end of Suikoden.
Please, Tell Me the Answer: Is Fate Unchangable? - October 19th, 2002

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