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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Fanfiction
If Love Were Only Part of the Equation- It has been four years since the Heroes of Lunar: Silver Star Story defeated the Magic Emperor, and the city of Vane is finally ready to re-open its once renowned Magic Guild. Mia Ausa, the new Guildmaster, has established a new order which would eradicate the elitist policies which plagued Vane in the past. Will this noble idea lead to a diverse society or just more trouble wandering into the gates of the once-floating city?

Rated PG-13 for language, mild sexual content, fantasy type violence and some thematic elements.
"If Love Were Only Part of the Equation" artwork by Phoenix
Prologue - July 5th, 2001
Chapter 1 - July 26th, 2001
Chapter 2 - July 26th, 2001
Chapter 3 - July 26th, 2001
Chapter 4 - July 26th, 2001
Chapter 5 - July 26th, 2001
Chapter 6 - July 26th, 2001
Chapter 7 - July 26th, 2001
Chapter 8 - July 26th, 2001
Chapter 9 - July 26th, 2001
Chapter 10 - July 26th, 2001
Chapter 11 - October 13th, 2001
Chapter 12 - December 1st, 2001
Chapter 13 - May 9th, 2002
Chapter 14 - August 13th, 2002
Chapter 15 - July 17th, 2003
Chapter 16 - July 5th, 2005

Paradoxes: Gregory's Journal- A side story to If Love Were Only Part of the Equation, this is a collection of journal entries by my original character Gregory, in which his past is revealed for the first time as he examines some of the paradoxes of life. Please note, this contains spoilers for 'Equation.'

Rating: PG for mild sensuality and language
Paradoxes: Gregory's Journal - August 18th, 2003

One Hell of a Night- A deleted scene from "Equation." During the first few months of Vane's reconstruction, Mia and Artie have a scare in the woods. No spoilers for "Equation."
One Hell of a Night - July 5th, 2005

Suikoden III Fanfiction
Missing In Action- The Tinto-Zexen border clashes have raged on for more than a decade. In this time many things have changed--except the camraderie between the Six Mighty Knights.

Rating: PG-13 for language, fantasy violence, mild sensuality and some thematic elements
Prologue - August 18th, 2003
Chapter 1 - August 18th, 2003
Chapter 2 - August 18th, 2003
Chapter 3 - December 12th, 2003
Chapter 4 - July 5th, 2005
Chapter 5 - July 5th, 2005
Chapter 6 - July 5th, 2005
Chapter 7 - July 5th, 2005
Chapter 8 - July 5th, 2005
Chapter 9 - July 5th, 2005

Harvest Days- Nine years after the events of Suikoden III, Percival gives Chris a special gift at Harvest. Told by their six year old son, Ryan. (Set in the realm of "Missing in Action")
Prologue - July 5th, 2005
Day One - July 5th, 2005
Day Two - July 5th, 2005
Day Three - July 5th, 2005
Epilogue - July 5th, 2005

Only a Night- A gift for Straya on her birthday, this is a deleted scene from Missing in Action, Chapter Five. Salome spends a rare night at home with his wife.
Only a Night - July 5th, 2005

A Long Day- Louis shows his strength and dedication to his Captain when disaster strikes in Chris's Chapter Two of the game. Written for a fanfiction contest on Harmonia Online.
A Long Day - July 5th, 2005

Lady of the Lake or OMFG! THAYR2HOT!- A parody of fan-girly over-the-top descriptions, farcical characterizations and ridiculous pairings. Chris seeks true love, and finds it in the lake.
Lady of the Lake or OMFG! THAYR2HOT! - July 5th, 2005

Suikoden IV Fanfiction
Thicker Than Water- Post Game. Helmut reflects upon his life while on board the Dauntless and considers his future. One shot.
Thicker Than Water - July 5th, 2005

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