You came to read about my stories, not about me. I'll give you some basics anyway. My name's Matt, born November 15th, 1982; do the math if you wanna know my age. I graduated from Saint Joe's University in May 2004 with an English degree; you might see me on the streets of Philly with a sign that reads "Will Write For Food." I'm a firm believer that there is no spoon, and love is, in fact, all you need; I am presently searching for the latter. It's my fervent hope than anyone who reads my work enjoys it and sends me an e-mail saying why it was good or bad. All such feedback and/or questions about my wholly intriguing life can be directed to the address below. Thanks for your time and enjoy my stories.

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
Desire Unfulfilled: Vincent's Tale- Vincent and Lucrecia were always destined to be together. Following the Planet's rescue from Meteor by the Lifestream, Vincent goes off to find his lost love. This is my simple chronicling of that search...
Desire Unfulfilled: Vincent's Tale - June 18th, 2001

Love Lies Bleeding- A stream of consciousness songfic to the tune of "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" by Fuel. When Cloud fell into the Lifestream, there was naught else for him to do but think. He tried to make sense of all the confusion he suffered as he drifted along, especially the love triangle between Tifa, Aeris--dead though she was--and himself. Here's my interpretation of what he felt...
Love Lies Bleeding - March 9th, 2002

Suikoden Fanfiction
Pesmerga: Vendetta
- Pesmerga is little more than a mystery. Who is he? What does he want? What is his connection to Yuber? Two men linked by vengeance. The saga of Pesmerga and his hunt for Yuber unfolds...
Prologue - June 18th, 2001

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic
Suikoden Fanfic