I hate writing these types of things. I always sound so corny. But whatever. My name is Merric Kincaide. I'm a sixteen year old who has been an official American citizen for four years. Yes, I was not born in this wonderful country. I was actually born in Germany and spent the first three years of my life there. I also lived in France, Italy, and England for a time and then moved here at the age of twelve.

Probably the biggest thing that you will notice in my fan fictions is that I have a very big problem with my punctation. English is not my first language (my third, actually) and a lot of times, I'm not to sure where to use commas. Commas are a deadly thing to me. So please forgive me if I go a little crazy with them sometimes.

I guess I should go into a little about me: I have a rather large family. My mom, my step-father, and five siblings. Three older triplet sisters: Raven, Ospery, and Hawken. My twin brother is Derrick (our names rhyme ... it's horrible). And finally, my youngest sister is Carmandy. I really care a lot about family life and count on the backing of my family. We indulge in a lot of things together -- the five oldest of us have a string quintet. I'm also into martial arts, sword fighting, dancing, gymnastics, and ice dancing -- I am not gay. It's a popular sterotype that I've been labelled with at my past schools in the States.

This whole thing sounds so corny. I told you that I'm horrible at this sort of thing. Anyway, enjoy my stories! Some of these are sheer experime nts so they might not be very good but they got accepted so there must be something that some one sees in them. Enjoy!

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A Little Spice
- If any of you have ever read William Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying," you might find a few components of this story to be very familiar. I took the multiple narrator-thing from him but I have yet to try the 'stream of consious-thought'-deal. It is a little bit in this story but it is very little.

"A Little Spice" is a story about Arthur and Kidd. Things have slowed down at the castle and their businesses have not been very good. So the two of them devise a little plan that will hopefully make things a little more exciting for everyone but Arthur doesn't realize that Kidd has a rather cynical side to him.

Satire is among one of my favorite things. You will see a lot of this in a "A Little Spice." The story focuses a lot on human flaw and emotion -- for example, Augustine and his materialism. That's all I'll give you -- you'll have to figure out what flaw or emotion the others represent. Before you indulge in my wonderful experimental story, I will leave you with one more thing: Thomas is the only objectional character.
Chapter 1 - August 18th, 2003
Chapter 2 - August 18th, 2003
Chapter 3 - December 12th, 2003

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