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Well, it's about time I changed this bio, seriously. It's been sittin' around for the past three and a half years and is collecting way more dust than my N64. Anyway, after what seems to be a two-and-a-half year break, I'm back (and I'm hoping to still be in business, heh :P). So, have a look at what's new, or, if you're a glutton for punishment, the old as well. Criticism welcome; There's always room to improve.

Hope you enjoy.

Chrono Trigger Fanfic
Amor Vincit Omnia
- Taken directly from the book, The Canterbury Tales, Amor Vincit Omnia is a Latin phrase meaning "Love conquers all." As friends gather around to face another spawn, the theme of love applies itself to strange twists of fate, old secrets, and new relationships.

Okay, that was a total crock, lol. Seriously, to sum it all up, there is a new threat, but don't judge a book, or rather, 'net fanfic, by its cover, er, summary. This is by no means an ordinary story. So brace yourselves…
Chapter 1: From The Grave - July 29th, 1998
Chapter 2: Some Bad News - July 30th, 1998
Chapter 3: Reuniting And Connections - July 30th, 1998
Chapter 4: Still Missing - August 2nd, 1998
Chapter 5: Conflict - August 2nd, 1998
Chapter 6: A New Face - August 5th, 1998
Chapter 7: An Old Face - August 5th, 1998
Chapter 8: Lucca's Confession - August 5th, 1998
Chapter 9: Schala And Magus - August 13th, 1998
Chapter 10: Disclosure - August 13th, 1998
Chapter 11: Breakdown - August 13th, 1998
Chapter 12: Apologies - August 13th, 1998
Chapter 13: More Sweet Dreams - August 13th, 1998
Chapter 14: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This - August 17th, 1998
Chapter 15: The Long Wait Over - August 23rd, 1998
Chapter 16: Another Old Face - August 23rd, 1998
Chapter 17: Stupid Grudge - August 23rd, 1998
Chapter 18: Two Idiots' Mistake - August 23rd, 1998
Chapter 19: The Big Breakup - August 26th, 1998
Chapter 20: Picking Up the Pieces - August 28th, 1998
Chapter 21: Promises - September 13th, 1998
Chapter 22: Feeling Blue - November 13th, 1998
Chapter 23: A Cruel Realization - December 16th, 1998
Chapter 24: Mine Love's Mistake - December 16th, 1998
Chapter 25: More Than a Reunion - December 25th, 1998
Chapter 26: Forgiven - January 12th, 1999
Chapter 27: Undermined - January 16th, 1999
Chapter 28: Re-Nu-ed - March 28th, 1999
Chapter 29: Ceased to Live - March 28th, 1999
Chapter 30: Beyond A Memory - March 28th, 1999
Explanations - March 28th, 1999

Life, Time, and Reason Divided- Okay. So everyone knows that the Gurus and Janus were thrown into different eras after that Ocean Palace disaster, right? Well, ever wonder what the Gurus did in the duration of time before they "met" Crono and the gang? Read on...(by the way, I won't bother writing a story for Magus...that would defeat the purpose of my story, and besides, a couple of other cool writers here can fill you in on his life story.)
Prologue - August 26th, 1998
Section 1, Part 1: The Advent of Melchior - September 13th, 1998
Section 1, Part 2: The Advent of Belthasar - September 13th, 1998
Section 1, Part 3: The Advent of Gaspar - September 13th, 1998
Section 2, Part 1: Mystics' Prejudice - November 13th, 1998

Schala's Final Message - August 13th, 1998
True Friends - October 8th, 1998

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic
A Fanfic Reader's Worst Nightmare: The Personality Gap- What's this? Yuffie, hunted? Tifa, not innocent? Aeris, resurrected, and Sephiroth too? Anything goes in the wacky world of fanfiction.
A Fanfic Reader's Worst Nightmare: The Personality Gap - August 2nd, 1999

Footsteps- A somber Tifa reflects upon Aeris. Sometimes the best friendships are formed in spite of rivalries.
Footsteps - October 13th, 2004

Suikoden Fanfic
Secret of the Tenei Star- As the town of Gregminster pulls itself back together, one of the heroes of the war continues to struggle with an inner conflict, or rather, secret from years long ago. This is a tale depicting a hidden anguish of that particular star, and the events leading up to the guilt and heartache that continues to eat away at him to this very day.

To potential flamers, be advised: this is not a story to be taken lightly. Granted, it does have its non-serious moments, but it may also contain material unsuitable for younger folk, as it does expose certain truths. If you don't have a strong stomach, then I suggest that you refrain from viewing this fic. However, if you don't mind issues of the extreme, then by all means, proceed. Just consider yourself warned.
Chapter 1: Buried Secret - March 28th, 1999
Chapter 2: First Sight - June 1st, 1999
Chapter 3: Mystery Girl - June 1st, 1999
Chapter 4: Not a Dream - August 2nd, 1999
Chapter 5: Where Silver Suns Have Golden Moons - August 2nd, 1999
Chapter 6: Innocence Lost - August 10th, 1999
Chapter 7: The Two Faces Of... - August 10th, 1999
Chapter 8: A Heart Consumed - August 10th, 1999
Chapter 9: Consequence - August 10th, 1999
Chapter 10: The Scars Bared - August 10th, 1999
Chapter 11: Broken Heart - August 10th, 1999
Chapter 12: Confrontation - August 10th, 1999
Chapter 13: Letting Go - August 10th, 1999
Characters Notes - August 23rd, 1999

Sleepless Night
Sleepless Night - January 1st, 2000

Trades- They started out as friends. Since her childhood, she has harbored deep feelings for him. To him, she has always been an important person, but at what point does he realize what she means to him? One year after the Dunan Unification Wars, he begins to discover just now much. However, a secret from his past is linked to one of her most precious possessions, and may now prove a threat to their friendship. What hardships await these destined two, and will a blossoming love truly be enough to overcome all?

(Or maybe I'm just that predictable, eh.. :P)
Beginning Notes - June 6th, 2002
Prologue: Butterfly - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 1: Homecoming...? - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 2: Dreams and Reality - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 3: Sticks and Stones - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 4: Sour Apples - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 5: Influences - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 6: And To The Republic... - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 7: Another Reunion - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 8: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 9: A Strange Night - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 10: Oh...Boy - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 11: Can't Make You Love Me - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 12: Strength - June 6th, 2002

Dearest Yun- To the spirit of Kuput Forest.
Dearest Yun - October 13th, 2004

Release- Based on Suikoden 3. A demon wanders the ruins of an ancient ceremonial site, bound by his desire for chaos. Contains gore.
Release - October 13th, 2004

Chrono Trigger / SMRPG Fanfic
A Fanfic Reader's Worst Nightmare: The PipeGate to Truce
A Fanfic Reader's Worst Nightmare: The PipeGate to Truce - November 13th, 1998

Chrono Trigger Fanfic
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Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic
Suikoden Fanfic