White Crescent

I'm a fourteen year old girl living in Macau--that's a place near Hong Kong. I'm not Chinese though... I love writing, drawing, and reading. I am also a fan of Final Fantasy. Oh well, I hope you like my fics. Comments are suggestions are welcome.

Final Fantasy VIII Fanfiction
ReviewableSo You Want Someone Else To Claim Him For You?- Laguna is Squall's father, right? But Laguna can't admit that he is, right? Then, what if somebody admits that he is Squall's father? This is a short fic about that, and what Laguna would probably do.
So You Want Someone Else To Claim Him For You? - September 30th, 2001

Suikoden Fanfiction
ReviewableTwilight Meeting
Twilight Meeting - August 18th, 2003

Final Fantasy 8 Fanfic
Suikoden Fanfic