Greetings, and welcome to my personal corner of Icy Brian's Fanfiction library. I'm actually quite happy, seeing as to I have been looking to gain my own corner on this site for a long while. I've just recently got up the nerve to write something that I thought was good enough to actually get accepted onto this site. No, I haven't tried to write anything before: I just think my writing is somewhat… bad. Apparently, I was wrong to think so, considering my "Afterwards" fanfiction was accepted.

Enough with my senseless babbling.

I am Caitlyn Adair Girvin. I am better known as Cait to most people. I prefer to be called as such. I am a young teenger ( 14 years ) that has a passion for writing. I actually find it to be rare that a fourteen-year old would enjoy writing as much as I do. Most teenagers find it a waste of time to write, unless is … a note to a friend explaining the latest gossip or something of the such. I enjoy doing that also, but writing stories is loved much more then that.

Fantasy. I love it. I love writing medieval fantasy stories much more then writing any other type. I can weave some pretty awesome yarns, sometimes also. Let's see what you all think of what I have thus far in my personal library. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy VI Fanfiction

ReviewedThe Melting of Snow
- Okay... So I'm a hopeless romantic. Deal with it. This is a story about a love affair between Leo and Celes - actually just the tail end of it, after Celes returns from working with Locke and the other Returners. It takes place the night before they all leave for the mission to Thamasa so... enjoy.
The Melting of Snow - May 6th, 2003

Suikoden Fanfiction
The Aftermath
- I was always deeply indulged by the plot of Suikoden II. And as you can tell by the way the story is written, I took the third ending of the game. I have yet to see the other two ending, but I am working on such. This story takes place during Ethan ( the Hero ) and Jowy's reign over The Valiance and Highland. The Valiance is the name I gave to Ethan's castle, and then spread it out, to make it the name of the country.

This is the story about what happens afterwards. It takes place a few years after the ending of the game, after Jowy and Ethan formed peace between the two countries. The story will test the faith of some of the infamous heroes from the game, and Jowy and Ethan as well. I hope you enjoy "The Aftermath"
Prologue - September 27th, 2002
Chapter 1: Signs of Rebellion - September 9th, 2001, updated August 13th, 2002
Chapter 2: The First Signs of Betrayal - October 13th, 2001, updated August 13th, 2002
Chapter 3: To Save A Life - August 13th, 2002
Chapter 4: Greenhill - August 13th, 2002
Chapter 5: Entrance To Hell - September 27th, 2002

Final Fantasy 6 Fanfic
Suikoden Fanfic