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Hey, lookie here! Another nice person who decided to visit me. Gee this web page really works! Okay then, back to work (reads her script)Ahem: Hi there. My name is Hind Osama. You can call me Blue lightning Flik too. ^_^ As Blue lightning Flik suggests. I am a keen Rpg player. My history with Rpgs goes back to when I was fourteen. Saga frontier was my first Rpg ever to play. ToD came in second. My life began to enterwine with Rpgs afterwards. I played a lot, but did not begin to write until recently. Wait.. I did write when I was ten years old, but not fanfic of course. I have few tries in novel writing as well.

Suikoden is my favourite Rpg since I first played it. FF7 comes in the second place. I know it sounds a bit better if it was the other way around, but ...but....Flik is so cute! I just have to put him in first place.

Besides playing Rpgs and writing fanfics, I also draw a bit, yet I still don't know if they deserve to be sent or not. Well that's what I've got to tell you about myself. I leave you now to do whatever you want. Read those stories, leave the section. The choice is yours.

One last thing! If you ever had any comments, questions, ANYTHING, feel free to e mail me. I will be gladened.

SaGa Frontier 2 Fanfiction
ReviewableWhen It All Ended- Hi, there. I'm glad all you nice people will read this fanfic. This one is about Saga frontier 2. I found a lot of difficulties finding fanfics about this game, so I have decided to write my own one! Of course it may not be so qualified, but I tired hard.

The time of the story is after defeating the egg (That means at the end of the game). The main character is Gustaf. I wrote about his feelings after breaking Gustave's sword in an attempt to save the world. Read and enjoy.
When It All Ended - August 2nd, 2001

Suikoden Fanfiction
ReviewableReady for the Diary- Here is a story about Suikoden 2 . I wrote about Jess and Fitcher. They are two opposed characters but I think they make up a good dualism. I happen to like Jess. And my sister likes Fitcher and we quarrel a lot about them, so I have decided to write this.

(NOTE: this story happened four years before Suikoden 2. Well I'm not sure but it was before Suikoden 2)
Ready for the Diary - August 2nd, 2001

ReviewableThe Lost Sword- Hi everyone! I’m so glad that all you nice people are reading this. This here is one of the writings that I consider a masterpiece. I worked a lot on it, so please read it. Its about Suikoden 2. And to avoid getting confused, read these noted before reading.
- The hero’s name is Yuri.
- The castle / army name is Shinra (Familiar, huh?)
- This story takes place at the same time of the game. After getting all the characters who took place in the story.
- The beginning of the story may seem dull, but wait until you read the ENDING!
The Lost Sword - August 2nd, 2001

ReviewableHappy Valentine- Ah.. The joy of Valentine. What would our Suikoden friends do at the day of lovers? (Shrugs) beats me. It's all written in here. ^_^
Happy Valentine - February 8th, 2002

SaGa Frontier 2 Fanfic
Suikoden Fanfic