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In the Service of the Republic- I am an artillery officer in the US Army, currently stationed in Korea. I've always been intrigued by the 'strategic battle' element in the Suikoden games (Suikoden II in particular, the game in which this story is set). This story is about an officer in the Toran Republic's army, and his role in the liberation of the Jowston city-states. It may not be filled with dragon-slaying and monster-hacking, but it stays with the fantasy theme of the game, I think, with a good dose of realism. After all, there were thousands of soldiers in the Jowston and Toran armies who never sparred with Neclord or faced the manifested Beast Rune. This is their story.

I'd like to credit the Suikosource.com website for the use of the names "Tir" and "Riou" for Hero McDohl and Genkaku's son respectively. Please e-mail me with any and all comments!
Prologue: L'Renouille - October 31st, 2001
Chapter 1: Banner Town - November 11th, 2001
Chapter 2: Transit - April 16th, 2002
Chapter 3: North Window - October 22nd, 2003

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