Hello, all. If you don't know me already, I'm Medina, queen of the unfinished epic fanfics. Yes, I am. ::glows in pride:: See, I started my story "A Square Deal" waaay back in eight grade, and guess how old I am now? Here's a hint: I'm going to college this September. Yeah, it's a long time. Now, why do I take so long? First off, being in High School with a lot of honors and AP classes, I find that most of my time has been consumed by preparation for those (especially in AP Latin... gah...). Another reason is that because of my other activities, I'm too tired physically or worn out by writing for other reasons to do it for fun. And the last reason is that I have a tendency to start other stories before my others are even near finished, so I have to decide what I'm going to be working on. But fear not, (if you happen to like my stories...) I do plan on finishing... whenever that is. ^_^;

Anyway, what else is there to say about me? I have my own website, ChocoHouse, where you can find other works of mine, artwork and personal info, if you're really into finding out that kind of stuff, and I have been known to act as a cohort at The Shin-Ra Archives, where my stories are also posted. I'll be attending UC Davis this upcoming fall, and... and... uh... that's good for now. ^_^

Hope you enjoy my work, and if you want me to finish something that isn't finished, annoy me until I give you some results! Hehe. Have fun!

- Medina (

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfiction
ReviewableContent Warning!!!Love and Life- I just noticed the "content warning" aside the title of this one; yes, there is some bad language, but I think it mainly refers to a couple of the endings -- which I might add, no one has to read all of them, and I'd suggest to the more sensitive readers to avoid the "gay" ending and the "mormon" ending.

I never wanted to write a FF7 story; really I didn't! There are too may of them, and it's not my most favorite game. I hate Cloud; I hate him with a passion. But, I like Tifa; she always seemed like the odd-man out, and I always feel like I'm one of those kind of people, so this story is for you, Tifa, wherever you are.
Chapter 1: Life Goes On... - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 2: Cry, Baby, Cry - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 3: Blackbird - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 4: Cast Your Fate to the Wind - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 5: Help - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 6: Reflections - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 7: She's Not There - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 8: Dust in the Wind - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 9: Black Magic Woman - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 10: Earth Angel - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 11: One Sweet Day - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 12: If You Want Me To Stay - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 13, Ending 1: The Mega Happy Ending: What a Wonderful World - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 13, Ending 2: Aeris Ending: It Must Have Been Love - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 13: Ending 3: Suck it to Cloud Ending: I'm a Loser - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 13: Ending 4: Cloud's Gay Ending: Macho Man - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 13: Ending 5: The Mormon Ending: People are Strange - April 3rd, 2000
Notes - April 3rd, 2000

Final Fantasy 8 Fanfiction
ReviewableJust One Kiss...
- This is my story that got rejected from RPGamer, because it was "not engaging enough to hold [their] attention over the course of the story, while at the same time not giving enough "stage time" to certain of the plot points that seemed crucial to the resolution," in their oh-so-humble opinion. Fine. So my story is here now, and if you think it's sub-par, then I guess they were right, if not, then it's their loss.

This story is somewhat a spoiler of the end of FF8; I don't contend that this is exactly how I think it ended, rather, I'm just a tragically romantic person, and this vignette of sorts popped into my mind almost as soon as I finished watching the ending. This is meant to stand as an image, not a telling, which may make it seem a little strange, but I think it works. Enjoy.
Just One Kiss... - April 3rd, 2000

CT / FF4 / FF6 / SoM Fanfiction
A Square Deal
- This story was concocted during the summer of my 8th grade year, so if you notice some inconsistencies in a) the writing, b) the characterisation, and c) plot details, I probably already know about it. I want to finish this, I so do, because it's a great idea... it's just an epic, that's all... I'm not freaking Vergil, and he DIED after he finished the Aeneid. I digress.

FF3/6, FF2/4, CT and SoM are still my favorite games, excluding FFT, which hadn't come out yet when I began this, and I wanted to link them all together, and so taking the idea of time travel from the great Chrono Trigger, linking certain characteristics of people in the games and devising some interesting new villains (at least I hope they are!), I began into A Square Deal, basing it in the world of FF6, which I know as well as my own room. It almost seems cliche'd now, but it wasn't back then, and I still believe that some of the classic plot types are great, eg, FF6. I hope you like my writing and can endure some of the longer chapters; there's a lot of backstory, so it might get a little tedious, which I'm sorry about. I'll try to fix some of it in editing.
Prologue - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 1: Afterwards - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 2: A Sad Story - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 3: Midnight Liaison - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 4: Suspicion - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 5: Time for Time - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 6: Into the Dark - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 7: Trees, Books, and Portals - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 8: Eternal - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 9: Welcome Back - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 10: Exeunt - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 11: Era Errors - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 12: Tora, Tora, Tora - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 13: Chase - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 14: Rogues, Brigands, etc. - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 15: Salvos Into the Unknown - April 3rd, 2000

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