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I'm Mgirl, role-player, author (PUBLISHED!!! well, technically) and Mistress of Bad Jokes, not to mention a fan of Chrono Trigger, the Final Fantasy series, and just about every other game SquareSoft has ever made, even the ones I haven't played :) . I am one of the bold, the few, the people who are avid fans of Magus (and will actually admit it). Most of my stories have Magus in them in one way or another, even if that means turning a perfectly good FFVII or FFIII story into a crossover. In fact, if you've written any Square fanfiction that Magus didn't play a big role in, I have probably found a way to fit him into the story. I enjoy getting email, as it gives me an excuse to stay on the computer extra-long typing prompt replies. So if this isn't a huge hint, I'll just say it: EMAIL ME! I'd love to hear your comments on my stories! And until you finally email me, remember--the Black Wind howls...

Chrono Trigger Fanfic
ReviewableBridge Under The Silver Moon
Bridge Under The Silver Moon - July 24th, 1998

A Test of Truth
Chapter 1: Honor Among Thieves (or Lack Thereof) - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 2 - July 26th, 1999

Chrono Trigger / FF6 Fanfic
Final Fantasy III: The New Returners- The characters of Chrono Trigger continue on with their normal lives after their adventure to destroy Lavos...until Lucca discovers a strange "Vortex" which connects their world with the planet Vehs, where the brave souls who defeated Kefka reside. Follow our heroes on a fantastic adventure as they defeat evil warlords, battle the forces of darkness and become the first members of the elite fighting force known as the New Returners!
Map Of Zenobia (64.5 KB)
Author's Notes #1
Part 1 - January 18th, 1998
Part 2 - January 19th, 1998
Part 3 - February 4th, 1998
Part 4 - February 18th, 1998
Episode I: Demon's Bane - November 22nd, 1998
Episode II: Time Gate Trouble - November 22nd, 1998
Episode III: Destiny - November 22nd, 1998

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