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How long does it take for a guy to write up a new profile for Brian's Page?  

Rhetorical question.  

My name is Gasper S. Keltner. I've been officially writing stuff for about seven years, although I claim only LegionQuest as my greatest accomplishment.  For those at home who haven't read it, PLEASE TRY!  The first chapter needs work, but it sets something up.  The later chapters get better.  And you might just see some of your favorite authors either starring or making guest appearances in this work.

For those of you wondering where LQ: Retribution is, see below.

Legion of Fantasy Fiction
Fiction dealing with a group of Authors who I've had the pleasure of knowing for five years now, called the Legion of Fantasy, basically has some ground in Square games, and other pop culture....

The Death of Gasper: Nanaki vs. Gasper- A tragic piece that conveys a lot of feeling, at least I think so. It's a LOF fight, so a lot of it was taken from a script. Yes, this is the "Mt. Woe Nanaki" vs. the "Coming Storm Gasper". Tragic, but well done…
The Death of Gasper: Nanaki vs. Gasper (10/16/98) by Gasper S. Keltner

LegionQuest: Apocalypse

And now the chosen time has come...

The Earth, a small planet in a small system in one of the many arms of the Milky Way.  The universe, ever expanding, is about to get a whole lot bigger for one Gasper S. Keltner and his friends, the Legion of Fantasy.  For an evil, unlike any they've seen, has risen, and they are the only ones who can stop it.  Enter a world where heroes live, where magic is alive, and where the people you think are normal, have something more to tell...welcome, to LegionQuest.
Part 1: The Boomerang Flash Crisis
Part 2: Beginnings
Part 3: A Taste of Things to Come?
Part 4: Hitting Closer to Home
Part 5: And on the Lighter Side...
Part 6: War Council
Interlude 1: The Beginning
Part 7: World Battle
Part 8: Resurrection
An End to the Beginning Part One
An End to the Beginning Part Two

LegionQuest: Retribution

Postlude to a Massacre...

After a costly battle, the LOF is on the run from The Flash, and soon realize they're running out of luck.  Repike and his army may be powerful, but no one will stop the Dragoon and his friends from seeking their deserved revenge...

Part 1: Recovery


Chrono Trigger Fanfic
Just try and guess what this is. If you don't know, then what the flying fudge are you doing on this page? Anyway, you get the picture.

ReviewableThe Loss- My first story for CT, it also has tragedy. Not the greatest thing in the world....I will admit, but hey, it was my first attempt. Thanks. Enjoy. Note that Ian is an Original Character by Fellow Author Dave Church, this is in conjunction with his Sins of the Fathers (?) story. It takes place 3 years after the game CT. Also ties into Krazy Sam's Story Finally Married.
Part 1: Problems
Part 2: Plans - January 10th, 1998
Part 3: Betrayal - January 18th, 1998
Part 4: Rescue - January 21st, 1998
Epilogue To The Loss - January 21st, 1998

Final Fantasy 4 Fanfic
Made in 1992 it's my favorite Final Fantasy, and this story to to help you understand the events of the story, note that it does contain spoilers, and is currently on hold.

Cecil's Journals-  What happened during the events of the Crystal War in the mind of a Dark Knight.   Explore this short but informative journey into the game, and the legends, of Final Fantasy 4
Entry 1 - January 9th, 1999

What If… (CT/FF7 Fanfic)
Marvel Comics inspired me on this idea, where you take a situation, and play around with some of the players and situations. Currently there is only one CT What If here, but I plan by Fall of '99 to have a FF7 What If completed.

ReviewableWhat If… Part 1: The Gate Key- The beginning also ties into the Krazy Sam series, but then goes back to the first part of the game of CT. If any ideas come up, I am accepting submissions. Please notify me if you have the Ideas to get the Okay. If not…then God help you I will make sure you are punished. Sorry, I think you will understand.
Part 1: The Gate Key - February 24th, 1998

ReviewableWhat If... Part 2: The Sleeping Forest- DISCONTINUED - Another What If...This one from Final Fantasy 7.  It's still in it's early stages, but I will get to it one of these days.  Let's see...What if Tifa accompanied Aeris to the City of the Ancients...Sorry, nothing more then that.  I'll get to it.
Part 2: The Sleeping Forest - February 20th, 1999

Chrono Trigger / FF4 Fanfic 

The Coming Storm-DISCONTINUED - FF4 and CT collide in this series. Tragedy and Triumph rule as this independent Fictionalized story takes place 2 years after the game CT and FF2/4 (U.S./Japan). Please sit back, and prepare yourself, for the Storm is upon us…
Part 1 - April 5th, 1998
Part 2 - April 26th, 1998
Part 3 - July 6th, 1998
Interlude 1: Chaos in Eblan - January 9th, 1999
Interlude 2: Greetings in Truce - January 9th, 1999


-Gasper S. Keltner -2002

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