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I'm from BC Canada and i've been a "writer" all my life (i didn't say a GOOD writer). I've always just written short stories and stuff, not big epic whopping stories like A Winding Path turned into. I've always been totally obsessed with Chrono Trigger (or rather, the characters of Chrono Trigger) and when the game ended I just kinda went, "hey... i want more!" and ended up writing out all sorts of new adventures for them in my head. Until A Winding Path, none of them made it to paper. Who knows what will happen next <g>. For more information on me (if you're really that interested :P) you might wanna visit my website at

ReviewableA Winding Path
Rating: PG-13(+). Mild profanity (d*** and h - e - double hockey sticks etc) and very mild suggestive scenes (more disgusting mooshy lovey sickening than suggestive <g> In fact there's lots of disgusting mooshy lovey sickening scenes. hey they're in love what do you expect??). Also a few graphic "ouch" descriptions that might make you wince.

There are a lot of 'dark' scenes... but also a lot of humor. I think I balanced everything fairly well. Dark with humor, mooshy disgusting with action... etc...

Description: the story is a "continuation" of sorts. sorry but there's really nothing more I can say :P. I wrote it so that pretty much everything that happens or that is said is intertwined tightly and most of the events that happen come as a surprise. So... go read and find out <g>. I will say that it includes yet ANOTHER theory of the origin of the pendant, but that isn't the main focus of the story <g>.

This story assumes you know the characters and landscape from the SNES game "Chrono Trigger" by SquareSoft. It is NOT based in any way on the PSX version of CT. I know there are some different endings in that version which make some parts of this story sound really stupid :P

All theories, events and "discoveries" are my own creation. This story is not connected to any other in any way.

In my (the authors) opinion this is more of a fantasy story that happens to be set in the Chrono Trigger world using the Chrono Trigger characters. Aside from the use of characters and items from the game... there's really not much of a connection between the two.

All English has been Americanized. (Which basically means that words like "colour" and "armour" have been misspelled on purpose to the American versions of "color" and "armor" ;-) )

Time: sometime after Chrono Trigger ends.

Original Characters Involved: Marle, Crono, Lucca. A few secondary characters are mentioned or featured in scenes. Marle is the main character focused on but it is usually from Crono's point of view (although from third person so the view does swap around a lot.)

Of interest to some might be the fact that there is no time traveling involved. I'm sorry but "oh no time is screwed up again we must fix it" is SO unoriginal... <g>. Unfortunately this means I could NOT include the characters from other time periods. I also made sure NOT to include Magus. I'm really sorry to the multitude of Magus fans out there but I'm SO SICK of every single fanfic out there having Magus as the main character.... :P. What.. It's like 1 out of 10 that doesn't have him as an integral part of the plot line???

Warning. It is VERY LONG. Long enough that if it were published it would probably be a regular sized novel (180 pages in HTM format, 422 KB). And it is NOT broken into chapters. However I have placed bookmarks so that people returning to it don't have to scroll through it and find their place :P. Just remember your number. If the page takes an insane amount of time to load I may break it into separate pages though.

Copyright: This story and new characters within are the copyright of Nico Turner and no part of it may be copied or reproduced in whole or in part in any form without permission. You may not post this story on your site without permission. (To get permission, you might try sending feedback <g>)
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